Singapore Stewardess’ Hotel Room Pictures Leaked

Looks familiar?Well, it should, unless you’re unaware of the most popular online discussion forum in Singapore.But what happens when it turns you, a perfectly normal and pleasant person, into the next internet hot topic?Social networking and online connectivity has now become a big part of our lives. Thank technology for helping us find old friends, make new ones and show the world… our worlds. It sometimes also helps propel you to superstar status, whether you like or not (think Aaron Tan).Angela Oon Scandal Workers Party Affair Yaw Shin Leong

Singapore Stewardess' Hotel Room Pictures Leaked

Anyone familiar with the Eat-Drink-Man-Woman forum at Hardwarezone will know what the hottest topics there are. And you don’t get any hotter than a suggestively titled one posting revealing pictures of a local flight stewardess.Within less than 6 hours, the thread generated 8 pages of comments and replies. Yes. 8. Something local social media professionals and conmen can only dream of achieving.Unfortunately, most of them were far from kind, ranging from comments on chest size, to a set of less-than-perfect teeth. The worst ones also untruthfully and baselessly cite sexually demeaning terms.Han Sung joo Miss Korea Han Sung Joo Sex Video

Shortly after, the professional people at Hardwarezone pulled the thread down and banished it to the fire pits of Mordor, never again to be seen by the eyes of hot-blooded, young, Singaporean males. The stewardess also immediately changed the privacy settings of all her social networking accounts, halting the huge wave of marauding young orcs, ready to siege the heavily fortified walls… of her Facebook profile.In one of her recent updates, the young professional stated how sick she was of the multiple friend requests she was getting. Apparently, those who didn’t like what they saw on the forum thread replied in it.Everyone else who liked it was already stalking her Facebook.

Singapore Stewardess’ Hotel Room Pictures Leaked Pictures

The lady is now looking to take legal action against the forum user who posted her public pictures… in a public forum. It will definitely be one to watch and will set the precedence for similar cases in future. We wish this strong girl all the best and hope everyone here can stand by her through this. She did nothing wrong and her only mistake was being confident in her looks and sharing it with the world.

Dear readers, social networking is here to stay but let this be a reminder to us to respect its awesome power.We wonder what Mr. Obama will say if he saw the thread.Perhaps he can look to take legal action against 9gag next?Don’t let your friends be the next Aaron Tan. Share this

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