Han Sung joo Miss Korea Han Sung Joo Sex Video

The Real Han Sung Joo Sex Video, Who does not know the artist’s beautiful South Korean, Han Sung Joo is one of the artists are very popular in South Korea.

Hang Sung Joo is also a former Miss South Korea. But behind the fame of his name is, apparently Han Sung-Joo has a sex scandal with a male and has been leaking through to the virtual world.

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Han Sung Joo Sex Video This duration of about three minutes and have started on the upload to the internet on December 4, 2011 last.

Han Sung joo Miss Korea Han Sung Joo Sex Video

Han Sung Joo Sex Video first upload the first time in a personal blog, but when seen in detail by visitors to the blog, the girl’s face in the video is very similar to the artist korea han sung joo. Because of this similarity, han sung joo video sex, is the subject of hot debate in South Korea. Not only in the real world, in cyberspace even more that want to see first hand the beautiful video artist.

The more excited this news in cyberspace, not to make the artist Han Sung Joo commented on the sex video scandal. But until now no one can be sure to aslian of han sung joo sex video. Some experts say the video sex scandal informatics is the original, played by Han Sung Joo. For those who are curious to see please see and value themselves about the authenticity of this video:

Sung joo Miss Korea Han Sung Joo Sex Video

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Han Sung Ju is a former Miss Korea (1995) and announcer in South Korea. This article reveals the truth about her two-sides, her manipulations, and her continual lies to the Korean public. She is a narcissist in purest form. Her plastic-surgery appearance, fakery, and broadcast image enable her to deceive the general public. In actuality, she defines selfishness and cares for only one cause, her own self image.

Source: This author interviewed Han Sung Ju’s boyfriend of more than 1 year. During this time, the two lived together and traveled extensively. The author has reviewed pages of supporting documents (medical records, correspondences, photos, videos) to establish validity. All statements made below are factual and supported with physical evidence.

Han Sung Joo Sex Video

Why: After months of deliberation and observation, Han Sung Ju’s boyfriend decided not to let the public deception persist. Through his observations of her trickery, her methods, he lost his belief in humankind, goodness, and genuine charity.


a) Han Sung Ju’s boyfriend was severely assaulted and threatened by Han Sung Ju’s brother, mother, brother’s friends, and family lawyers. During this time, he was held hostage in Han Sung Ju’s apartment (at Bucksan apartments in Kumho-dong) and forced to fingerprint documents in blood red. A police report with images and evidence were later filed and is available for review.

b) Han Sung Ju has aborted/killed at least 2 children while being pregnant. See supporting medical record attached here, which is the abortion surgery she performed most recently in Hong Kong.

c) Han Sung Ju lies repeatedly on television. She has repeatedly received plastic surgery, most apparently to her breasts, eyes, and face. She frequently lies publicly about her body. See images attached which are self-explanatory.

d) Han Sung Ju portrays an image of innocence and charisma. The attached sex video shows otherwise. The lies are too many to count.

e) Han Sung Ju is portrayed as a representative of charity, volunteer, and non-profit causes in Korea, most recently in MBC’s Memories of Koica filmed in Paraguay, South America. In her private life, she takes zero interest in any charitable causes. The moment she is off camera, she only cares to view and archive photos/videos of herself. What is shown on TV is fake, a scam. There is no true charity in her heart. She views the world as an image of herself.

f) Han Sung Ju’s prior divorce (after 10 months of marriage) was no coincidence. She lies, manipulates, possesses, and is intolerable to anybody who truly knows her. This author has never known a greater narcissist.

g) Han Sung Ju did not write the book published under her name. It is plagiarism. In actuality, she knows little of the subject matter she writes about. She seeks to soon publish a new book, again a lie promoting an image of charity and volunteering. In actuality, it is meant only as a PR tool to boost her false public image as she ages (she is now 38 years old).

Protection: All records have been backed up and safeguarded. Many more records are available. The author believes Han Sung Ju’s family will lie, assault, and maybe kill to prevent the truth from being exposed. Embassies and police authorities have been informed. Any harm that comes to the author or Han Sung Ju’s prior boyfriend will be prosecuted and made public. Both the author and Han Sung Ju’s prior boyfriend are fully willing for any legal consequences (all statements made can be readily evidenced) and will consider speaking freely to the press.

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