Lee Hsien Yang and TR Emeritus Controversy

Sociopolitical website TR Emeritus (TRE) explained in a statement on Thursday why it intends to resist legal action brought on by Mr Lee Hsien Yang, saying that his case is different from that of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.In a statement published on the website, the editors of TRE confirmed that they had received a lawyer’s letter from Mr Lee Hsien Yang, the chairman of Fraser and Neave. They said that Mr Lee Hsien Yang had asked them to remove an allegedly defamatory comment posted by one of TRE readers about him.

Lee Hsien Yang and TR Emeritus Controversy

PM Lee, who is Mr Lee’s brother, had earlier sent a lawyer’s letter to TRE on Sunday requesting that the website remove and apologise for an article that had alleged cronyism in the appointment of Madam Ho Ching, PM Lee Hsien Yang’s wife, as the head of Temasek Holdings. TRE has complied.In their statement, the TRE editors said that the two cases were different.TR EMERITUS The Voice of Singaporeans for Singapore

Lee Hsien Yang sends lawyer’s letter to TR Emeritus

Another laywer’s letter has been sent to editor of TR Emeritus (TRE), Mr Richard Wan, on Tuesday. This time, it is from the chairman of Fraser and Neave (F&N), Mr Lee Hsien Yang.Mr Lee Hsien Yang is also the brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Lawyers from Stamford Law, acting on behalf of Mr Lee Hsien Yang, had sent a letter on Tuesday to Mr Wan, requesting for an alleged defamatory comment on its site to be removed.In the letter, Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s acting lawyer, Mr Tan Chuan Thye, told TRE that a netizen had left a defamatory remark about Mr Lee Hsien Yang in the comments section for one of its articles late last month.

Lee Hsien Yang

The Straits Times reported that the letter said: “Mr Lee Hsien Yang is determined to protect his reputation and would take all necessary and appropriate steps to do so.”Mr Wan confirmed that he had received the lawyer’s letter and added that TRE had appointed lawyer M. Ravi as its legal counsel.Mr Ravi, who will be drafting a response to Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s lawyer, told The Straits Times: “TRE will resist the action vigorously in defence of freedom of expression in cyberspace.”

TR Emeritus to remove allegedly defamatory comment: Lee Hsien Yang

Socio-political website TR Emeritus (TRE) said it has received a letter from the lawyer of Mr Lee Hsien Yang, asking it to remove an allegedly defamatory comment posted by one of its readers about him.Mr Lee Hsien Yang is the brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The TRE editorial team, which announced this on its website on Thursday, said this case is different from the one initiated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Yang.It said that in the case of the Prime Minister, it had made a serious error by allowing a defamatory article submitted by a contributor to be published.It added that it’s truly sorry for the mistake and has unreservedly apologised to PM Lee Hsien Yang for the distress and embarrassment caused to him by the false allegation in the article.

TRE said in the case of Mr Lee Hsien Yang, a reader had left a defamatory remark about him in the comment section for one of its articles published in late January.It said that generally speaking, when a complaint is received by TRE about a comment, TRE will normally comply and delete it.

It said Mr Lee Hsien Yang is making more demands than the normal demand of simply removing the offending comment.TRE editors felt that acceding to all his demands will seriously make running TRE site difficult in future.They’re seeking legal counsel this time and have appointed lawyer M. Ravi to handle the case.

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