Naomi Neo singapore Naomigraphy

Naomi Neo singapore Naomigraphy

Naomi Neo  an intransigent yet softhearted soul. I capture all the beautiful moments in my life which contains of all sweet and bitter memories. Naomi Neo want a “wow” life not a “wild” life; that solves every mystery in me. Naomi Neo forgive & forgo, and I won’t let the past manipulate me. After all, those who have no fear of death are the ones who lived their lives deeply. So Naomi Neo want my everyday life to be filled with plenty of evocative and stimulating events.

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Naomi Neo singapore

Rainbows brightens up my day and the twinkling stars shines up my night. Happiness doesn’t come knocking at your doorsteps, you’ve to find it in order to obtain it. I learn to cherish my life. ♥ Avril Lavigne & Taylor Swift. I’m Naomi, you?

Naomi Neo singapore Naomigraphy

Naomi Neo Basic Information
Naomi Neo Birthday
January 25
About Naomi Neo
This page is just used to share my work, daily experiences etc.
Naomi Neo Gender
Naomi Neo Personal Interests
Singing, Dancing, Guitar, Guzheng, Drawing, Photography, Modeling, Track&Field. ♥
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