Actor-DJ Marcus Chin and girlfriend Eileen Cheah break up

Marcus Chin tells all about his split from girlfriend 32 years his junior

SINGAPORE: 59-year-old Singapore radio host and actor Marcus Chin, recently confirmed that his girlfriend Eileen Cheah, who is 32 years his junior, had “temporarily separated” from him six months ago, because he could not give her a sense of security.”I think it (their separation) is because she does not have a sense of security when she is with me, as I am still not officially divorced (from his estranged wife of 23 years Murong Ying),” said Chin, conceding that their age gap could have contributed to their split.

“While it could be part of the problem, our age difference isn’t the only problem, there are a lot of other issues.”Chin went on to deny rumours that Eileen Cheah, who now lives apart from him, had decided to leave him because she was done using him for his money.

“I have nothing for her to squeeze out. I am not a wealthy man. Those rumours are exaggerated and unfair to her,” said the veteran radio personality in a telephone interview with on Friday.

Actor-DJ Marcus Chin and girlfriend Eileen Cheah break up

Chin declared that he intends to reconcile with Eileen Cheah, with whom he has a young daughter, and try to save their relationship.”I am currently working on it, giving her a bit of time. Her parents are caring for our daughter for now.”In all things, my family comes first,” said Chin.

No regrets

Chin has gone through some tough times to be with Eileen Cheah.When the news broke that he was dating his then-assistant Eileen Cheah three years ago, the media hounded him for answers, while many members of the public labelled him a cad for cheating on his wife with a woman young enough to be their daughter.

He also had to fight a very painful, very public seven-month legal battle against Murong Ying over maintenance matters last year, and wound up being ordered to pay her S$4000 each month.And now, Eileen Cheah is no longer by his side.Did he regret his decision to be with Eileen Cheah?

“I don’t regret it at all. There is nothing to regret.”When it comes to matters of the heart, if she returns to me, it’s good. But if she doesn’t, it can’t be helped. I’ll let nature take its course. I’ll have to see what happens and deal with it,” said Chin with a tinge of resignation in his voice.He said he is prepared for either outcome and has been striving to regain some semblance of normalcy in his life since their separation.

Marcus Chin ends three-year relationship with girlfriend Eileen Cheah

“I feel fine now, though I sometimes feel lonely at night and think about her (Eileen Cheah),” said Chin.”Life goes on. I still have to perform.”When asked if his experiences with Eileen Cheah had tainted his views on love, Chen replied without a hint of hesitation.”No. I will continue to seek love,” said Chin confidently, his voice completely devoid of the despair that had been there moments before.

“Because every human being needs love.”

Marcus Chin ends three-year relationship with girlfriend:The 32-year age gap between local actor Marcus Chin and his 27-year-old girlfriend Eileen Cheah seemed to have taken a toll on the couple’s relationship. After three short years of living together, the couple is now living separately.

Eileen Cheah was Marcus’s assistant before it was revealed that the pair was seeing each other in Jan 2009. In May the same year, Marcus separated from his wife Murong Ying, and his May-December relationship with Eileen Cheah became the talk of town.

A year later, Eileen Cheah gave birth to their daughter Elise. Marcus even hosted a 66-table banquet to celebrate the child’s one-month birthday.Yesterday, Marcus admitted to the local media, “Eileen Cheah and I have already separated.”Rumours of their relationship woes began three months ago, but the actor denied speculations then as he did not want the news to go public yet.

According to Marcus’s friend, the actor wanted to keep a low profile, because there were still loose ends to tie. He added that the reason behind the couple’s separation was Eileen Cheah did not have proper status as his wife. Marcus did not divorce Murong Ying, even after the 27-year-old had given birth to their daughter.

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