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Blogger and freelance model Holly Jean is no stranger to being in the public eye. Holly Jean runs her own blog at www.hollyjean.sg as well as one in the lifestyle section of the NS Portal, www.ns.sg. In the latter, this attractive fashionista dispenses advice ranging from style tips to relationship pointers. Guess there’s another reason to visit the NS Portal besides applying for our exit permits!

Holly Jean Singapore model Holly Jean

The downside to exposing your life to the big, bad web is that you end up meeting some weirdos, as Holly Jean shared with us. “I have been on first dates where the guy knows everything about me, from what food I like to the exact second I was born” Holly Jean jokes. Holly Jean shares about a particularly weird incident, “A blog reader added me on MSN, and then switched his web cam on and started wanking. I found it amusing so I print screened it and posted it on my blog – his face not visible, of course.” What happened next? “He updated me to say that his girlfriend dumped him as Holly Jean was reading my blog one day, and recognised the background of the webcam shot as his bedroom!”

Holly Jean Singapore model

Many women would find these stalking experiences upsetting but Holly Jean just laughs them off. “It’s only creepy when I am not attracted to the guy, otherwise it’s flattering!” Flattering? What? “I think a girl would find it very flattering that you made the effort to find out what she likes. If it is relatively apparent on her Facebook, that Holly Jean likes Hello Kitty then it’s ok to say “I read on Facebook you love Hello Kitty”. However, if it’s just one passing comment Holly Jean made on her Facebook wall two years ago, then I wouldn’t tell her the truth! If your fascination with her is bordering on the obsessive, then better keep it a secret. Just pretend that you’re super intuitive and that’s how you know all these things!”

So why is this cool girl still single (we checked her Facebook)? Holly Jean explains, “I am not in a rush to get hitched, it’s better to be happy and single than settle for the wrong match.”

What might change her mind? “He has to be mentally strong, has a good heart, can hold interesting conversations – with a generous load of sarcasm and humour – and is very intelligent.” If you fit any of these criteria, you know where to find her.

Holly Jean on Relationship Advice Guys Always Ask Holly Jean

“A lot of Singaporean men tend to sit on the fence when it comes to relationships and dating. I always get men writing in about how they like a girl, they go out, but she keeps saying she’s not ready for a relationship. Yet she enjoys his company and doesn’t want to stop seeing him. So with this little glimmer of hope, he follows her around like a puppy dog. Breaks my heart, but I have to tell them they just landed themselves in the FRIEND ZONE.”

MH Woman: Holly Jean

Holly Jean Aroozoo
@hollyjean69 Singapore
Clueless. But Hopeful.

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