World’s biggest virus Discovered

The scientist found the worlds’ biggest virus in the ocean near Chile. A team of the researcher was trawling on the ocean floor, and they just found the Worlds largest virus. It is so big. According to their report, it is 10 to 20 times bigger than the previous biggest virus named Mimivirus. The Mimivirus is the nearest competitor of this virus, and it is 6.5% larger than that also. The team of the researcher named this virus as Megavirus chilensis.

World's biggest virus Discovered

The diameter of the Megavirus chilensis is seven micrometers and is an oddity among its virus brethren. It is bigger than many bacteria, and you do no need an electron microscope to see the Megavirus chilensis. You can see it with an ordinary microscope said, Jean-Michel Claverie. Most viruses are harm full to the human, but this virus is doesn’t seem to be harmful for the humanity.

World's biggest virus

This is the most complex DNA virus in the history of science ever founded, tells Jean-Michel Claverie to the BBC in an interview. According to the Jean-Michel Claverie and his team, the both viruses are cousined, and they belong to the same family after testing their DNA. The Mimivirus was founded in 1992 in Bradford, England. It was the largest diameter of any virus before the World’s biggest virus Megavirus chilensis was discovered by the researcher.

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