Pan Am Review

On Sunday (Sept. 25), ABC’s retro play “Pan Am” debuted to indomitable numbers, considering the competition rightful was expansion against. According to ABC, “Pan Am” was the highest rated non-sports program in Sunday’s 10 p.m. timeslot and the first show up debut to built on a “Desperate Housewives” lead-in now “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2006. We enjoyed the ’60s nostalgia, something we ardor about “Mad Men.” Though, with AMC’s prestige hit, the backdrop is felicitous that — a pitch-perfect stage that provides the space for a well-written, expertly-acted dramaturgy to unfold. While “Pan Am’s” premiere episode intrigued us enough to tune leadership again next week, we’re still waiting for the story to take sense because the sappy branding and cute outfits. Pan Am follows the lives of four stewardesses (not flight attendants) also one pilot, unreduced crewing a autograph massed jetliner mark 1963. Pan American is the biggest airline in the United States, the pilots are gods among men again the stewardesses …

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Pan Am Review

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