Gary Johnson A Dark Horse with a Sense of Humor

After Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate, a handful of pundits declared little-known candidate Gary Johnson winner of “the best line of the night” – for a joke he made comparing Obama’s record on job creation to dog poop. “My next door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than this president,” said Johnson, prompting hearty laughter from the audience. “That was the best line” of the night, concluded Fox’s Charles Krauthammer, of the joke, during the post-debate commentary. “Had he said it early on, he might now be a top tier candidate.” Gary Johnson A Dark Horse with a Sense of Humor Slate’s Dave Weigel, in a column entitled, “The Best Line of the Night,” wrote: “The candidate who had been kept out of polite society had just told a poop joke on the same stage as the next Republican presidential nominee. It killed. Johnson didn’t even try …

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Gary Johnson A Dark Horse with a Sense of Humor

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