Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run

It all began anew Sunday, when Paul Gigot, the editor of the Wall Street Journal, appeared on Fox News and said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was “very carefully” reconsidering his stance on entering the 2012 presidential race. Gigot went on to say there are “enough people who have gone to him now and said, ‘Look, this field is weak, and none of them may be able to beat the president.’” On top of that, the National Review wrote Wednesday that a top GOP donor and a “prominent” New York politico are both convinced Christie will enter the race. Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run Only problem? Same problem as always: Gov. Christie keeps insisting he’s not running. At least not in 2012. His latest — and perhaps most telling — denial came at Rider University in Lawrenceville Thursday afternoon. Appearing onstage with Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (more on

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Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run

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