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Matt Moore, Rays don’t know any better Video

Matt Moore, Rays don’t know any better Video : Matt Moore was the ultimate wild card. Create only his second major league start, pitching seven innings like Moore ace hit the ball two incredible Friday Tampa Bay Rays opened a real playoffs with a 9-0 victory over the defense of the Texas Rangers of the AHL. Kelly Shoppach homered twice and produced five points, Johnny Damon homered and Tampa Bay and dominated all the way to their rookie pitcher in 22 years. Rays playing for the first time since their dramatic rally of the last day of the regular season. With Tampa Bay needed only to defeat each of the nine games to bring Boston the last 31 / 2 weeks to win the wild card, manager Joe Maddon had to concentrate on the fact that far from trying to set up their rotation pitching. … Continue reading

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2011

Country will go pink. On the eve of the awareness month for breast cancer, also known as the United States in October new Today / Gallup Poll showed that Americans have mixed feelings about the annual event. About 96% of 1004 respondents say the event was to make people aware of the disease. Almost 80% say they know someone who has had breast cancer. And the most important contribution to the cause, especially if the trade involved 84% of all Americans to “shop for treatment,” buying pink products to breast cancer binding. The survey “confirms what we know from experience – the people, to put an end to breast cancer and are willing to donate, volunteer… Continue reading

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Listeria:Cantaloupe Melons kills 13 people in US

Listeria:Cantaloupe Melons kills 13 people in US : The listeriosis outbreak linked to cantaloupes from Colorado killed 13 people and infected 59 others, the U.S. Public Health said. Food is the most virulent outbreak in the United States in over a decade, exceeding the outbreak of salmonella from contaminated peanut 2008-2009 that killed nine and infected over 700 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). While 18 states have reported infections of one of the four strains of Listeria framework, the CDC said. Of the 13 deaths, four were in New Mexico, two in Colorado, two in Texas and one each in Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. CDC reported that the epidemic can be traced to cantaloupes grown on the farm Jensen in Granada, Colorado, after the discovery of Listeria monocytogenes in a sample from there. The company released its September 14th recall Rocky Ford brand dyni.Plod was sent at least 17 states. Food… Continue reading

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Presidential debate audience members boo gay soldier

Nine Republican candidates gathered in Orlando, Florida, last night for yet another presidential debate, this one hosted by Fox News and Google. And, like last week’s match, this event gave viewers a look at the GOP’s dark side, particularly when it comes to gay soldiers. Sure, there were plenty of notable and vaguely disturbing moments from last night. For example, Rick Perry said he endorsed an HPV vaccine that could prevent cervical cancer because he “errs on the side of life,” even though the Texas governor has presided over 235 executions. And then there was the moment when Mitt Romney was asked if he, like many of his opponents, believes President Obama is a socialist. Romney wouldn’t say that… Continue reading

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