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Van Jones Wants an ‘American Autumn’ Revolution (VIDEO)

Van Jones Wants an ‘American Autumn’ Revolution (VIDEO) : With all due respect to Ralph Nader, but I kind of hope of a viable Green Party candidate. Thank you to Van Jones, however, allow me a measure of cautious optimism. Why? As counsel for the environment and former special adviser to Obama is working to green the only politician whose ideas to bring this country together again makes no sense at all. Or should I say, just the only politician whose ideas make sense for those of us who are not billionaire business executives juggernaut. Consider a conference organized by Jones: Exactly “Taking Back the American Dream.”. Do not call just to say it all? See, Jones actually gets that for most of this… Continue reading

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Bank of America Debit Card Fees

Bank of America Debit Card Fees : Debit card fees announced by Bank of America has caused outrage among consumers who turned to the social environment with their vows to switch banks, Bank of America boycott and otherwise show their condemnation of the controversial move of the banking giant. Bank of America announced Thursday it will charge customers $ 5 a month to make purchases with debit cards – fees that can cost consumers up to $ 60 per year and raise a stunning $ 3 billion per year for the company. Perturbations has been swift and immediate, with many customers vowing to quit the bank. And at least one potentially … Continue reading

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Herman Cain Gains Stature Among GOP Faithful Latest News

Herman Cain Gains Stature Among GOP Faithful Latest News : Almost lost in the noise this week about the possibility that the governor of New Jersey Chris Christie may seek the Republican nomination for the presidency was the growth potential of a candidate already in the race: Herman Cain. After a series of impressive performances and debate a new poll showed him in third place, it is the last GOP candidate to ride the boom and bust, we-love-you-we-love-you-cycle race is not volatile this year. Pizza executive, the former godfather in his double-breasted suits and gold ties, impressed the audience with his discussion preacherly cadence, his humor and his slogan of pizza worthy of the 9-9-9 approach to fiscal policy . (It would be income tax 9 percent… Continue reading

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Presidential debate audience members boo gay soldier

Nine Republican candidates gathered in Orlando, Florida, last night for yet another presidential debate, this one hosted by Fox News and Google. And, like last week’s match, this event gave viewers a look at the GOP’s dark side, particularly when it comes to gay soldiers. Sure, there were plenty of notable and vaguely disturbing moments from last night. For example, Rick Perry said he endorsed an HPV vaccine that could prevent cervical cancer because he “errs on the side of life,” even though the Texas governor has presided over 235 executions. And then there was the moment when Mitt Romney was asked if he, like many of his opponents, believes President Obama is a socialist. Romney wouldn’t say that… Continue reading

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