Mom.Gov.Sg Working and Living in Singapore

The Ministry of Manpower (Abbreviation: MOM; Chinese: 新加坡人力部) is a ministry of the Government of Singapore that directs the formulation and implementation of policies related to manpower in Singapore.

Ministry of Manpower Singapore ( Mission

The mission of the Ministry of Manpower is to achieve a globally competitive workforce and great workplace, for a cohesive society and a secure economic future for all Singaporeans. .sg Ministry of Manpower Working and Living in Singapore Ministry of Manpower Working and Living in Singapore Ministry of Manpower Working and Living in Singapore

Ministry of Manpower Singapore ( Vision

Mom.Gov.Sg Working and Living in Singapore

Ministry of Manpower’s vision of “A Great Workforce A Great Workplace” serves to reflect the shared aspirations of MOMers for their ministry as an organization. It also represents the aspiration of MOM to achieve “A Great Workforce and a Great Workplace” for Singapore.

A Great Workforce/A Great Workplace are presented as a pairing, because MOM sees the workplace as the container for human capital. Human capital realises its potential and creates value not in a vacuum but most often in organisational settings. The setting plays a critical part in determining whether individual talent is developed and potential realised, or remains latent and untapped.

MOM claims its vision embodies the aspirations of lifelong learning and the need for Singaporeans to adapt, learn and re-learn skills, attitudes and competencies for lifelong competitiveness and employability, in order to cope effectively with the demands of the changing economic environment; it also emphasises the empowerment of people to create their own desired future. This involves capacity development, both individually through adult training and development, and collectively in teams, organisations and nationally.

Ministry of Manpower Singapore ( Basic Info
Born June 2010
Ministry of Manpower Singapore ( Location 18 Havelock Road, Singapore, Singapore 059764
Ministry of Manpower Singapore ( Contact Info
Ministry of Manpower Singapore ( Phone 00 65 6438 5122
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