Kim Sun Ah Shows Off Her Beautiful Shoe Collection for “I Do I Do”

Okay, I take it back — I might watch this show for the shoes alone. New stills from the set of I Do, I Do show Kim Sun-ah kicking back in her character’s shoe closet, and lordy, will you look at that room? What’s a girl gotta do for a closet like that? Am suddenly eyeing my guestroom surreptitiously… What, shoes need their own space, okay?

Kim Sun Ah Shows Off Her Beautiful Shoe Collection for “I Do I Do”

They also need their own backlighting, apparently. And to think, all these years I forced my shoes to live in the dark! In boxes! I suppose a top shoe designer really should have a coveted collection to be true to character, but damn, that room reportedly cost $60,000 in designer shoes to fill. WUT? I suppose if my shoe collection cost more than a car, I’d build it a room in the house too. Maybe add a retina scan and humidity controls.

Though the rom-com setup seems pretty straightforward as far as plot goes, I am really looking forward to Kim’s alpha-girl character, who seems unabashedly proud of her successful career. I’m sure her relationship with the rookie noona-killer (Lee Jang-woo) will bring her down a peg or two, but I’m going to enjoy a story about a woman who likes to be on top. With good shoes to boot.

I Do, I Do premieres Wednesday on MBC.

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