NUS Law student Beautiful Wong Su Ann

NUS Law student Beautiful Wong Su Ann:Those of you who think of Miss Teen USA South Carolina’s famous gaffe when the image of a ‘beauty queen’ comes up, it’s time for a paradigm shift.Smarties are in once more, ‘cos high IQ in a pretty girl just makes a great lass even better.

Gorgeous, witty and smart, 19-year-old NUS Law student Wong Su Ann epitomizes the phrase ‘life just ain’t fair’.If you’re curious about this year’s NUS Law Queen, sit tight as we suss out her beauty regime behind that porcelain complexion.

Wong Su Ann skincare routine:My mum trained me to take good care of my complexion because the best makeup is good skin.I go for that plump radiant glow look and dewy skin rather than the more fashionable matte look.I adopt a basic cleanse-tone-moisturise routine daily.Weekly, Wong Su Ann use a lemon scrub recommended by the dermatologist while brightening Face Shop mask tones up my face once a month (The Face Shop Mask sheets of 3 for $10, available at The Face Shop outlets).Wong Su Ann avoid the BB cream as it tends to clog up my pores.

NUS Law student Beautiful Wong Su Ann

Wong Su Ann gear:My hair is generally tame, so I use Essential Damage Care Rich Premier for smoothening (Essential Damage Rich Premier treatment, $6.50 for 180g, available at major personal care stores).For acne outbreaks, I use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. It attacks pimples with a vengeance.As part of my basic make-up routine, I use my mother’s Covermark concealer because the usually lasting powder matches the tone of my skin.To keep prevent dry and cracked lips, I love lip balm from Victoria’s Secret. The lip balm glides on and smells good(Available at Victoria’s Secret boutique at RWS -Resorts World Sentosa).Wong Su Ann also like flirty floral scents, and my favourite is Daisy by Marc Jacobs (Available at Tangs Beauty Hall, $140 for eau de toilette 100ml).

We asked…Wong Su Ann:Do you think bad skin equals bad hygiene habits?Wong Su Ann think that is a dangerous misconception because bad skin can be due to other factors such as genetics, like predisposition to acne and oily skin. But Wong Su Ann believe good hygiene would help.The rule of the thumb is to stick to basic makeup and practise a healthy diet, because when you’re healthy, it shows on your skin.Would you date someone with a fantastic personality but horrible skin?

Wong Su Ann think everyone has an equal chance, because I’m drawn to people with a big personality. What’s more important is the ability to engage in conversation and stimulate my mind.You wake up with a huge zit on your nose. How would you deal with it?Wong Su Ann once woke up with this huge Rudolph-like pimple right on my nose. After the fretting about the situation, Wong Su Ann layered pimple cream before applying my regular concealer. I tried very hard not to fuss over it for the rest of the day.

What are the three basic items in your wardrobe you can’t live without?Wong Su Ann love flirty summer dresses. Wong Su Ann also have a good pair of strap-on heels because they’re more stable than other styles of heels. These heels improve your posture a lot. I also wear a nice dress watch that is not too expensive. I’ve watches from Guess and Marc Jacobs.What do you think makes or breaks an outfit?

Wong Su Ann think the outfit should flatter your personality. It’s also the way you carry it off. And comfort’s very important too.Bargain bin or high-end boutique?I shop from a wide variety of sources. If it’s fun, vintage and quirky, I’m usually sold!

Do you have any fashion pet peeves?First, tights are not pants! As for guys, don’t wear open toe scandals or slippers if your feet are not well groomed with ragged nails.

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