Athena Chu Posts Hot Photos with Boyfriend Announces Pregnancy

Athena Chu announces pregnancy, to marry Paul Wong end of 2012:HONG KONG: Hong Kong actress Athena Chu and her musician boyfriend, Paul Wong of rock band Beyond, confirmed Tuesday that Athena Chu is thee months pregnant with Wong’s child, reported Hong Kong media.

Rumours had been rife that Chu, who had been dating Wong for the past 14 years, is pregnant after she was photographed sporting a small belly and visiting a gynaecologist about two months ago.

Wearing a puffy coat in February, Athena Chu (朱茵) was rumored to be pregnant when spotted visiting a Chinese herbalist with Beyond member and boyfriend, Paul Wong (黃貫中). Although she had denied pregnancy rumors in her early months, Athena Chu finally admitted that she was more than 3-months pregnant! Athena Chu and Paul will be getting married later this year. Extremely happy with the impending arrival of their baby, Athena Chu and Paul celebrated by taking nude photos together and sharing with the Weibo community!

Athena Chu Posts Hot Photos with Boyfriend Announces Pregnancy

A member of the group Beyond, 48 year old Paul Wong and 40 year old ‘Sexy Goddess’ Athena Chu’s love marathon has officially reached their 14th year. A few years ago, the couple expressed they aren’t in a hurry to marry or have children, but February of this year, Athena Chu was seen to have a bulging stomach. It was rumored Athena Chu was pregnant after going to see a Chinese doctor. However, at the time Athena Chu denied on Weibo: “Just based on the cotton clothing?” She stressed it was just a misconception.

Until yesterday afternoon, Athena Chu suddenly posted an excerpt of the lyrics from Paul’s Child: “Child, I really want to let you know, even if the world collapses, I still love you, you are the most amazing.” She also uploaded a black and white nude photo of her and Paul embracing. Its rumored that Athena Chu is 3 months pregnant.

Athena Chu pregnant confirmed

30 minutes later, Paul reposted Athena Chu’s Weibo entry and admitted that they will soon be living a ’3 person world’: “All along, we thought that love is just between us two, but from today on, it will not longer be just us two. I love you.” Paul expressingly indicated Athena Chu’s pregnancy by just a simple message. Four hours after the couple’s Weibo messages, there were already over 10,000 repost and comments (TN: Updated numbers, it’s over 27,000 now). The majority of them were Netizens congratulating the couple and sending their blessings.

It was understood Paul denied the pregnancy earlier was all because he loves Athena Chu. He didn’t want the good news to turn into troubling news nor did he want the paparazzi’s attention and affect Athena Chu’s pregnancy. A few days ago, he expressed on Weibo: “Telling a lie is different from keeping a secret, but sometimes to continue upholding the secret, will be forced to tell a lie.” Yesterday when the couple met the press back in HK, Paul reveals that they plan to get married at the end of the year.

Good Friends Congratulates Paul and Athena Chu

Paul has a pretty broad relations with people in the industry, and has many celebrities who are fans of him including Ella Koon, RubberBand’s 6 members and William Chan.

Athena Chu’s good sister, Ada Choi: “I’m currently so happy that I’ve gone crazy, congrats to them!”

Francis Ng: “That’s good! Very good news. (Any advice?) Most important is to keep the baby well fed, breastfeeding is the time where the baby and mother can interact, so its a must. Also, must trust what the elders say because they have been through it and have the experience.”

Kristal Tin: “Congrats to them! I saw their photo on Weibo, so beautiful. It’s so loving and touching, Paul and Athena Chu are my idols, especially Paul. I truly believe they’ll be very happy together.”

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