Feng Yun 2 movie trailer

Feng Yun 2: Qi Wuqi is a Chinese-made, Japanese-style role-playing game featuring free world exploration. The battles are turn-based. There are four battle commands: attack, cast a magic spell, use item and defend. When attacking the player has to chose which part of enemy’s body to hit, then by well-timed button presses he can activate a combo attack which delivers significantly more damage but uses up some magic points. Casting a magic spell uses the same magic points. Each party member can use his or her own skills, combo attacks and magic spells. When a party member is attacked his or her “rage” meter will gradually fill up; when full it will immediately boost the party member’s stats for one turn and grant him or her the ability to deliver multiple hits to an enemy.

Feng Yun 2 movie trailer

The game is based on a comic book by Ma Rongchen (Ma Wing-shing) and was released simultaneously with the TV series Feng Yun (titled Wind and Cloud or The Storm Riders for English-speaking viewers).

Feng Yun 2 Details

* Title: 庚子风云 (庚子風雲) / Geng Zi Feng Yun
*Feng Yun 2 Also known as: War and Destiny
* Feng Yun 2 Genre: Drama
* Feng Yun 2 Episodes: 40
* Feng Yun Broadcast year: 2006

Feng Yun 2 Synopsis

Geng Zi Feng Yun takes place during the early 1900′s, when the Eight-Power Allied Forces took over Beijing. Together with the Emperor, the Emperor Dowager decides to flee for safety. In Xi An, she meets a woman, Si Qin (also known as the “White Peony”), who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Emperor’s favorite concubine. Si Qin is actually caught in the middle of a love triangle, as she’s engaged to Chen Ran while hopelessly in an affair with Han Yu Xuan, the most powerful officer in Xi An. With the help of Chen Ran’s wealthy father, Han Yu Xuan plots a scheme against the couple. This ends up tearing Chen Ran and Si Qin apart by sending Chen Ren to study abroad. However, unknown to Chen Ran, when he left to study abroad, Si Qin was actually pregnant with their son. Further trouble ensues when Han Yu Xuan decides to betroth his only daughter, Han Su Yun, to Chen Ran’s younger brother Chen Jun, but instead of falling in love with her future husband, Han Su Yun sets her eyes on Chen Ran instead.

Feng Yun  2 Cast

* Joe Cheng as Chen Ran
* Jang Seo Hee as Si Qin
* Yuki Hsu as Han Su Yun
* Fan Bing Bing
* Chen Sha Li as Empress Dowager Ci Xi
* Yao Xin Qian (姚馨茜) as Si Ge Ge
* Cheng Hui (成晖) as Chen Jun
* Tiffany Xu as Chen Jun’s girlfriend
* Shao Lu Ya

Feng Yun 2 Notes

* All of the actors’ original voices were dubbed by another group of actors.
* This drama is a collaboration between three countries: China, Taiwan and Korea. Joe Cheng from Taiwan and Jang Seo Hee from Korea star.

feng yun 2 opening (sg theme)

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