Xinmsn catchup TV singapore XinMSN Video Singapore Free Mediacorp Catch Up TV

Where to Watch Free Mediacorp TV Drama and Variety Shows Online?Launched recently xinmsn will feature entertainment and lifestyle offerings currently on the websites of Microsoft’s MSN Singapore and MediaCorp. It will be bilingual in English and Mandarin, housing both global and Singapore-centric content. Among its highlights:

Free video-on-demand from MediaCorp’s extensive library“Catch-up” TV from the previous night’s telecasts, including Amazing Race, Cougar Town and Channel 8 dramas

Live streaming of MediaCorp’s popular radio stations:The partnership was sealed today at a signing ceremony witnessed by Lucas Chow, CEO of MediaCorp and Jessica Tan, Managing Director, Microsoft, Singapore. Both expressed confidence in what they described as a partnership that will benefit online users in Singapore and beyond, as well as the advertisers seeking to promote their brands to them. With its comprehensive and multi-layered offering, xinmsn is expected to be an instant hit, providing advertisers with potentially the largest online user base in Singapore.

Xinmsn catchup TV singapore

Xinmsn Catch Up Tv ,The TV service will be available free to all residents of the United Kingdom will advertising and the costs of transmission. Start the service will have more than 300 hours of TV streams available.

TV programmes are not displayed in the MSN player until the end of the line are at the service of broadcasters offers on their own sites. The BBC iPlayer catchup for seven days after the transmission service and Channel 4 4oD service is 30 days. Although it is understood that MSN do not display the contents only shows will show after 180 days of originally airing.

Xinmsn catchup TV singapore XinMSN Video Singapore Free Mediacorp Catch Up TV

MSN Video Player the six-month pilot phase, the ad space at the time of programming is purchased by three media agencies: MediaCom, that all advertising on demand for channel five when he revived interaction, recognition from clients and MEC bought.

Microsoft Netherlands, managing director of consumer and online, said Ashley Highfield, which the company from midnight oil had burned in the project in the past four months, the project Kangaroo, BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4 UTEHet was blocked by the regulatory authorities.

Catch-up TV full episodes on xinmsn video

Mediacorp Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel U’s Variety Shows

XinMSN Video – Singapore: Free Mediacorp, Catch Up, TV, Movie

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