Amber An Xinya was not forced to Strip

Amber An is a popular model and singer from Taiwan. Last month a Taiwanese magazine published a report in which they claim that the beautiful model Amber An was forced to strip down during the photo shoot. According to report the regional manager of the Reebook company Tony had tried to force the Amber An to put down the clothes, but she denies the order from the Tony. While the Amber An and her company denies the all news and said some peoples are just trying to use their name to become famous.

Amber An Xinya was not forced to Strip

However, we still have a question in our mind, Was she forced to strip by Tony? Finally, we have got the answer from the Amber An during the press conference, when she was promoting her new album Evil Girl. She told to the media that my agent was there and everything went fine.

Amber An Xinya

I was not forced to strip during the shoot, she said on the press conference. Amber An had done few photo shoots for rebook before in which she appears almost naked except for a pair of shoes. Amber An was folding her legs in front of her modesty. In another photo, she was wearing a skirt, and she covered her breast with shoes. In last public appearance yesterday she was wearing a full white dress and try to look like a clean idol for her fans after her company director request to her. She is famous with the name of Sex bomb in the public now.

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