Simon Chesterman Selected as new NUS Dean

Simon Chesterman has won the seat of the new dean for the National University of Singapore law school. There was a total 60 candidates for this post, and the winner of this job is Simon Chesterman. Simon Chesterman can take the charge of his job from 1st January next year. Simon Chesterman is a 39-year-old professor, and he is currently working as the vice-dean of the NUS.

Simon Chesterman Selected as new NUS Dean

He was promoted to the director post in 2007 for New York University. We have to ensure that the graduates from the NUS are not just like a lawyer, but they have to be creative thinkers, and should have the ability to work softly with the peoples of different backgrounds said Simon Chesterman on his press conference on Monday. He wants to change the thinking of the professors and student as well.

Simon Chesterman

He was talking about the big change in the university after he takes charge as Dean of the University.Earlier n this month he discussed his new book titled “One Nation Under Surveillance.” The first pages of the books cover the overview of the NSA after Americans 9/11. He discussed about the power of agencies and the problems facing NSA.  Simon Chesterman suggested that there should be the limits defined for the powers of agencies in the world like NSA.

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