NUS email NUS webmail Official NUS Email accounts

Commercial email in NUS email inboxes

Every single student at the National University of Singapore is assigned a unique NUS email address when they matriculate. With these email addresses, students are able to communicate with lecturers and fellow classmates, as well as receive important educational and administrative information.

However, some students are not only receiving emails from lecturers, classmates or NUS departments.

Last September, NUS undergraduate Chua Sze Hwei, 22, received a promotional email from BigDeal.SG, a company which was started by three NUS alumni. The company is a social buying site that works on the basis of wholesale discounts. A deal that is offered on the website will only be honoured when it is purchased by a minimum number of people.

If the Internet is the source of all information, computers are the doorways to it.And at Computer Centre (as The Matrix would say), we can show you the door, but you’re the one who has to walk through it.

But to make things a little easier for you, we’ve got a plan to make NUSmail work on any computer, anywhere.That’s why we’ve introduced WebMail.All you need is a web browser and working Internet connection, and NUSmail is at your fingertips, whichever part of the world you’re in.

NUS email NUS webmail Official NUS Email accounts

And if Internet connectivity is poor, just log on to the Basic version of NUSmail, which cuts down greatly on the bandwidth required.

To use WebMail

NUS Email:Official NUS Email accounts.

The official NUS Email accounts have been provided for communications between students and the university.
Please use your official NUS Email accounts especially in matters regarding to your academic matters.

School of Computing students are privileged to have two email accounts.
1) NUSNET Email Account – [email protected]
2) SoC UNIX Email Account  – [email protected]

It is extremely important that you make sure your email accounts are in working order.
CFM Notification would be sent to your NUSNET Account.
It is your responsibility to make sure that your mailbox is not full, so that you can receive your CFM Offer Emails. If you mailbox is full, the email sent to you might bounce.

NUS email NUS webmail Official

NUSNET Email Account is also a web-based account, thus you can access it anywhere. (similar, in fact better than Hotmail or Yahoo!)
To access your NUSNET Email account, go to

To access your SoC UNIX Email Accounts from home etc.
Please refer to

What is a FriendlyMail?NUS Email

A FriendlyMail is an alternate email address that you can apply for at no additional charges. It will be associated to the same mailbox as your default email address (eg. [email protected], [email protected] for staff, [email protected], [email protected] for students) that was issued to you when you first became a part of the NUS community.

Important: It is not necessary to set email redirection or auto-forwarding from your default email address to your FriendlyMail since both email addresses belong to the same mailbox.
How can I check what is my current FriendlyMail address?

You can check your email address by following the instructions here or by logging in to the link above.
What will happen to my default email address (eg. [email protected], [email protected])?

After you have applied for a FriendlyMail, messages sent to either your default email address or FriendlyMail will be delivered to your mailbox.

If you change your FriendlyMail, however, all mails sent to the old FriendlyMail will no longer be delivered to you.
What email address would the recipients see?

They will now see your new FriendlyMail address.

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