Calvin Johnson In single coverage

Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions were again scrambling back from a deficit in Week 4 against the Dallas Cowboys. It seemed nearly impossible they would pull off a miraculous victory for a second week in a row. However, for the second week in a row it was Johnson who came down with two second-half touchdowns to boost the Lions to 4-0.

That’s now eight touchdowns in just four games for Megatron. Not many of those have been in single coverage. In fact, as it was against the Cowboys, some have even been in triple coverage. Calvin Johnson is simply unstoppable. It’s as easy as that. You can put four guys on him, but Matthew Stafford just needs to throw a jump ball and Johnson will out-jump everyone.He’s not just big with a huge vertical, though. He runs goods routes. He can take a screen to the house. He’s fast. He’s physical.

Calvin Johnson In single coverage

As a receiver, Calvin Johnson is the whole package. We’ve been hearing this his whole career but he finally has a good offensive line and a healthy quarterback to get him the ball. It’s scary to think what kind of numbers he can put up.Well, we are already seeing what “scary” can look like.Johnson is on pace for 96 catches, 1,284 yards and 32 touchdowns. Thirty-two. Touchdowns. In one season.

Okay, okay. We’ve established that Megatron is seriously talented, but does he have any chance of winning MVP?Everything has to go right if a WR is going to win the coveted award. The team has to be dominant. No one else around the league can have amazing seasons and the receiver has to do something special.Jerry Rice won the Pro Football Writers Association NFL MVP back in 1987. He was the last receiver to win (no WR has won the AP MVP). During that season, Rice pulled in 65 catches for 1,078 yards and 22 touchdowns.

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