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J. Cole Explains His Debut Album VIDEO

J. Cole Explains His Debut Album VIDEO : Rap has come J. Cole can finally breathe easy now, when his first album, “Cole World: The Story of the lateral line,” was released (as of today). Since the release of his debut mixtape “Come Up” and signing with Sony / Jive in 2007, the rapper has collaborated with artists such as Drake and Trey Songz, tour with Rihanna, was a mentor Jay-Z (and signed to his record label / management company Roc Nation in 2009), and even got a guest feature Hov for “World of Cole.” But looking at all the recent high-level performances on the album, and J. Cole Billboard, the project “the culmination of hard work, the work continues.” He continued: “For me it is all the songs that are not really even on this album, whether it’s a mixtape stuff, the stuff that I keep… Continue reading

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Chelsea Clinton Elected To IAC Board

Chelsea Clinton, witch of the terminated US president, has joined the board of IAC, the digital media conglomerate, according to a filing cache the Securities and brawl Commission. Ms Clinton, 31, is currently pursuing graduate studies at Oxford university again works with the Clinton matter besides the Clinton Global Initiative. She previously worked at McKinsey & Company, the consultancy, further entrance Capital, a hedge fund. IAC’s holdings keep Match.com, College temper and The typical Beast and Newsweek magazine. The group’s share payment has risen halfway 50 per cent owing to the contrive of the tempo. IAC also said that Sonali De Rycker, a partner smuggle venture capital firm Accel Partners, was joining the board. Ms Clinton’s internal Continue reading

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Mad Men and Pan Am History and latest News

Mad Men and Pan Am History and latest News : Television likes to reinvent the wheel, endlessly churning out clone of a clone, so much so that every game show, crime drama, the jury of pop songs and top-chef-off seems to morph from one hour to the next year, put out a small screen as ingredients, which does nothing more than point to the lack of creativity in script writing a lot of numbers back to Hollywood. X-Factor Got Talent America following the next American Idol. Minute to win the next deal or No Deal the next Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Criminal Minds CSI follows the following law and order. This replication and fit in is not new, of course, like every decade from the television changed the pop culture in the 1950s was the same: when something works, it will be worked to death, whether it’s hit comedy, top – rated drama or the popular reality show. So it is with Mad Men, critics of the period drama, which has not only cleaned, again for an Emmy (he recently… Continue reading

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Pics, Biography, Discography, Filmography, Photos

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pics, Biography, Discography, Filmography, Photos : Every woman has a wardrobe that they know the expectations that will look great in any case. For Jennifer Love Hewitt is its vast array of dresses Herve Leger bandage. Style embraces a prominent figure in the actress all the right places, and she proudly showed her curves at Passport event Glamorama Macy’s in Los Angeles last night. 32-year-old wore a dress on several occasions, and even wore a pale pink version earlier in the day at the Variety Power of Women dinner. And she went out in a red short-sleeve two weeks ago at New York Fashion Week. Continue reading

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