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Holly Madison Videos, Pics, News, Bio – Daily Entertainment Pics

Holly Madison Videos, Pics, News, Bio – Daily Entertainment Pics : In the annals of celebrity unusual insurance policies, the latest revelation of Holly Madison, she had $ 1 million policy Lloyds of London on her breasts barely raises an eyebrow. In the end, Adam Lambert crotch was covered, even sweet. Celine Dion would have given her voice. Heck, David Lee Roth wisely – so much so wisely – the insured against his own sperm (should there be complete journey). You can understand why these stars fight for such insurance. Without their talent or a unique characteristic, they are not that special person. That’s why Jimmy Durante insured his nose and Dolly Parton ensure her breasts. It… Continue reading

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Sly Stone is living in a van in LA (VIDEO)

Sly Stone is living in a van in LA (VIDEO) : There is a new chapter in the strange and fascinating story of Sylvester Stewart, known worldwide as the Sly and funk legend Stone.Soul now lives in a van in Los Angeles. New York Post, life singer, songwriter, keyboardist and guitarist in a white van in the Crenshaw section of Los Angeles area, where the movie “Boyz N Hood” was filmed. He lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills and as little as four years ago, lived in a big house in the Napa Valley in California, reports the Post. Stone had this to say about Van, the newspaper said: “I love my little camper,” he said, his voice husky with age and years of hard living. “I do not want to go back to a specific address. I can not be in place. I have to keep moving forward.” Stone writes music on the laptop inside furgona.Kamen Post reports paranoid and think the FBI after him. With his band Sly and the Family Stone, Stone had a lot of hits and has direct responsibility, with his contemporaries such as Stevie Wonder and… Continue reading

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Flight 93 coroner reflects on 9/11

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. — A video shot moments after the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 into an open field near here on 9/11 has surfaced on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. The video does not capture the plane’s impact. But it clearly shows a mushroom cloud rising from the smoky site of the crash that killed 33 passengers, 7 crew members and the 4 terrorist hijackers. It was taken by Dave Berkebile, who lived 8 miles from the crash scene. The hijackers intended to plunge the plane into the U.S. Capitol building but were overpowered by the passengers and crew. Berkebile, 80, passed away last February. Five years ago, he gave the 1 minute, 38-second video to Val McClatchey, the woman who shot the only still photograph of Flight 93’s haunting, skyward aftermath. Flight 93 coroner reflects on 9 11 McClatchey recently donated the video to the National Park Service for an oral history of 9/11. She had endured years of harassment from conspiracy theorists who believe Flight 93 was shot down by U.S. military jets and that her photo was a fake… Continue reading

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