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Tampa bay rays, Rapid Reaction: Rays 5, Yankees 3

Tampa bay rays, Rapid Reaction: Rays 5, Yankees 3 : Rays first baseman Casey Kotchman was taken to a local hospital as a precaution after experiencing tightness in the chest before the game Tuesday night against yanki.Komanda reports that all tests came back negative and he was released Tuesday evening. Kotchman, who was playing first base in the game on Tuesday, was released on a stretcher flag rays undergo precautionary tests. Kotchman, who is a graduate of the Pinellas County High School in Seminole, had to fight today, on the seventh. He was replaced by Sean Rodriguez first, which was originally a pencil buddies, and hit seventh in the order. Reid Brignac will play short and bat ninth. If the extension is a match, you must install the American League wild card game between the Red Sox and rays will be 4:07 pm Thursday on the Tropicana. If the Rays ahead of the American League Series, Continue reading

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Torrey Smith News,Pics,Video

Torrey Smith before the game Sunday chirp – “I have a good feeling today,” – may seem a bit optimistic for beginners who have never caught a pass and the NFL had just been thrown all at once season. But he was right on target, as Smith shot his first three career receptions in the first quarter touchdown at Baltimore Ravens’ 37-7 victory over the St. Louis Rams. “I’ve never doubted for a moment,” said Smith, who finished with five catches for 152 yards. “I played football for good. I’ve done is forever.” Smith met with a lawyer… Continue reading

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