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iPhone 5 release date

iPhone 5 release date: Apple observers began to wonder if “Let’s talk iPhone case will consist of new models cheaper than the iPhone 4 – or, if the usual sources of leaks, which deals with Apple have just released this year. But today there is a new leak, to confirm that the next generation iPhone has. However, it can be called 4S iPhone, but not the iPhone 5. Previously, only “confirmed” pattern seen in the official inventory of Apple, has been bent, cheaper iPhone new models 4 and IPod Touch. The new device – told through photographs legitimate inventory records are available on sites… Continue reading

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iPhone 5 cases are everywhere in China (VIDEO)

iPhone 5 cases are everywhere in China (VIDEO) : Not content with the abundance of Photoshop for iPhone models from Apple, the next 5, Giga Netzwerk blog benm.at processed physical model of iPhone, using the 5 specifications and rumors as guidelines. Of course, we can see the real deal on October 4, but for those of us who have to swallow every rumor, speculation and theory, in particular the iPhone 5 production is very attractive. So how do people in benm.at do? According to the blog, they took into account all of the drawings, hardware components, the specifications of leaks and rumors of affairs, and other reliable models, and built his own prototype, using the same process used to make the iPhone is real, even back from the processing of aluminum. They take the position … Continue reading

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