Shiga Lin Scandal Photos admitting erotic photos are real

Shiga Lin sobs admitting erotic photos are real:Hong Kong singer Shiga Lin has confessed that she had a sexual relationship with rapper K-Chek after erotic photos of her with the rapper were leaked online.

According to Asian Bite, the 23-year-old Shiga Lin admitted that she and K-Chek ‘did everything that a couple would do’ when she was dating him at the age of 16, during a press conference recently. The relationship only lasted a year, but a tearful Lin said that she did not know how the photos were leaked online.

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According to Shiga Lin, she had only agreed to take the photos with K-Chek at the time because she ‘was deeply in love with him’ and that she ‘doesn’t remember taking any more erotic photos [other than those that were leaked] with K-Chek’.

Shiga Lin Scandal Photos admitting erotic photos are real

Shiga Lin also admitted that she had taken intimate photos with other ex-boyfriends but said that she did not wish to think about whether they would leak those photos online as well.

Shiga Lin thanked the support of her company and family and added that she plans to continue on with her singing career.

Recently a magazine published intimate photos of Shiga Lin and a rapper K-Chek. Yesterday Shiga Lin held a press conference where she tearfully admitted she liked playing and partying during her teen years. Loved and trusted K-Chek, she took intimate photos with him and admitted she had a sexual relationship with him at the school age of 16. However, Shiga Lin won’t try to get down to the source of where the pictures leaked. She just hopes from now on, she can start from fresh.

Yesterday at the press conference, Shiga Lin appeared expressionless. She took a deep breath and expressed: “I admit I have dated the young man in the photo. We have taken intimate photos before. At the time, I only took those photos because I really loved and trusted him. As for how these photos leaked, I really don’t know nor will I go find out.”

Shiga Lin appeared very tensed and didn’t look at directly at the camera, but instead kept her head down. She couldn’t hold in her tears, so the staff handed tissues to her. She admitted as she teared up, she was ignorant as a teenager and made mistakes: “I admit I liked to go play and party as a teenager, done a lot of ignorant things and wasted a lot of my time. In the recent years, I really want work hard on my jobs. This incident has worried my family, friends and company, I really want to come out and bravely face the things I’ve done.”

During interviews with the press, Shiga Lin admitted she met K-Chek through a classmate and dated him for a year. As for K-Chek implying they had a sexual relationship, Shiga Lin expressed: “These things will happen when a boy and girl are dating. (Will there be even more erotic pictures?) In my memory, they isn’t. I don’t think I will go further on how this incident happened, I just feel very disappointed, really unhappy and it’s very sudden.”

Shiga Lin sobbed as she said the set of photos do indeed exist (its real), but she does not know the other female victim (Six Wing@FAMA’s wife). Is she worried her boyfriend might leak out more photos? She said: “No, there will definitely be intimate photos when dating because you really like that person and want to keep photos for memories. Pictures will be taken for each relationship.” Shiga Lin is thankful to have her family and company’s support and understanding. In the future, she will concentrate on her work and will protect her personal photos.

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