Danielle Lloyd Photos

Danielle Lloyd Photos : Danielle Lloyd loaded with great photos of her son Harry James on Twitter. Model, which is engaged to footballer Jamie O’Hara, 24, was taken to hospital when she went into labor 10 weeks early in July, giving rise to a 4 pounds 4 ounces Harry barely more one hour. “My beautiful baby Harry just had it on Sunday, he was 6 pounds now so he loves xxx” Daniel, 27, 135 000 tweeted his disciples in the week. Immediately after his birth, Harry was taken into intensive care because of holes in his heart and lack of oxygen to the brain. “I went to the hospital one day to find it out the fan and his life support was turned off,” Daniel is revealed in a recent interview. “His breathing was very heavy, and there was no oxygen going to his brain – …

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Danielle Lloyd Photos

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