Amy Cheng is one hot mummy

Amy Cheng told her son about sex when he was 7:Call local actress Amy Cheng a new age mum. When her eldest son Joshua was 7-years-old, Amy Cheng introduced him to a book about sex — complete with graphic images.Speaking to Yahoo! Singapore on Tuesday about that move, the mother-of-two down explained she wanted to foster an open environment in her family.So, one night, the 41-year-old sat her son down and read the sex book to him like any other story book.

Amy Cheng told her son about sex when he was 7

“I did flinch at certain pictures because they were so graphic and I knew my reaction would affect him,” Cheng recalls.

Amy Cheng an established TV, stage and film actress, host and children’s book author and illustrator, but FLY Entertainment artiste Amy Cheng is taking her career to new scale by enrolling in a year-long postgraduate degree course majoring in education – to pursue her desire to teach drama.

“I feel that getting a more grounded foundation in the actual teaching experience would be necessary,” Amy Cheng, who has been teaching drama acting for the FLY Academy, told xinmsn in an exclusive interview held at her home.Well, lest you think it was a walk in the park making the decision to pack up and go – it wasn’t. A seemingly plucky move, as most mummies with young kids would reason, but looks like the payout of “a short-term loss for a long-term gain” – as sensibly deduced by Amy Cheng’s precocious elder son – coupled with words of assurance from a very supportive husband outweighed all the opportunity costs involved.

Amy Cheng is one hot mummy

“It’s been at the back of my head for a while, it’d be nice to take a break and my husband is also taking a sabbatical so he’ll be home to look after our two boys,” Amy Cheng shared, “Everything just fell into place so I felt it’s time to do something different.”

Looking at how hands-on her husband was — keeping their three-year-old son occupied with games and entertainment while mummy did her interview with xinmsn without disruption — it’s easy to understand how family warmth and encouragement have given Amy Cheng the peace of mind to pursue her study plan.

“It helps that my kids are very close to my husband, especially for my elder son. My husband will be here to guide him and there will be someone for him to talk to.”So do we see a change in profession once Amy Cheng returns home end of this year armed with her well-deserved teaching qualification?

“Acting will always be my first love. But to sum it up, never say ever…I guess it’s just time for me to grow in another area.”

Video: Amy Cheng shares what her two boys and husband have to say about her going away…

Video: Amy Cheng heads back to school!

Amy Cheng: Wanting a complete family for son

When Rama Chandran, founder-director of Act 3 Theatrics, wanted to ask actress Amy Cheng to marry him, he had to think a lot more about how to ask her then nine-year-old son, Joshua, than about how to propose to her.

The 54-year-old says: ‘I chose to do it when I was walking him to school, so that he wouldn’t be too awake and before all the homework tension set in. I really wanted him to be okay with it.’And the question did not surprise Joshua, now 13 and a student at Fairfield Methodist Secondary School.
Chandran proposed to me here and our families would meet here too.’

Amy Cheng, given that you raised Joshua by yourself for a few years, how special is your bond with him?

Amy Cheng: We have an ‘intuition thing’ between us. If I want to tell him about something, he can figure it out before I say anything, like the time I was going to tell him that I was pregnant with Jivan.

Joshua: She broke the news to me when I was at the computer.

Amy Cheng: I said, ‘Hey, Joshua, guess what?’

Joshua: I said, ‘You’re pregnant.’

Amy Cheng: He knows me like that.

How do you spend time together?

Amy Cheng: He comes to my room to read and eat fruits.

We watch movies together such as Avatar and Alice In Wonderland. I know he likes Johnny Depp.

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