Love Bonito ( singapore Online Blogshop

SINGAPORE – Love, Bonito, Singapore’s largest blog shop and ecommerce store, announced today the successful move to a next-generation ecommerce platform. The operations department had to choose between various vendors and solutions to arrive at the final product, which could successfully handle their large traffic volume, and provided a very pleasant experience for their customers.

Initially, Love, Bonito was a blog shop running on a hosted blog service, and manually processed orders as they came in. However, it soon overgrew that platform, and needed an full-fledged ecommerce solution that allowed their customers to purchase, in real-time, their items, and see actual quantities left in stock, as well as be able to collect and process orders and payments automatically.

Love Bonito ( singapore Online Blogshop

“Our issues were that we’d experience peak traffic at over 6000 simultaneous users and connections, which even a single, powerful server running the latest hardware, couldn’t handle,” said Frederick Yap, director of Love, Bonito.

Since Love, Bonito fully operates online, the smooth operation of their website is absolutely essential. Not only is displaying information important, but the truly critical factor for Love, Bonito is to have a responsive website that can also allow customers to checkout, and allow the company to collect and process orders, anytime, anywhere. This is especially true during special launches that attract a large number of people.

After reviewing various vendors, Love, Bonito chose Vodien Internet Solutions because of their 24/7 SuperSupport, expertise in complex hosting infrastructures, and availability of high-performance server hardware configurations.

“When Love, Bonito told us of their situation and their requirements, we knew that they’d need a clustered environment, and we setup an environment utilising multiple web and database servers, on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) so that Love, Bonito would have no problems with both server load and bandwidth. The choice to utilize a CDN was a strategic one, mainly to ensure the fastest access to the website for Love, Bonito customers. With the geographically-distributed CDN, customers are ensured that they get the fastest access to the website’s content,” said John Lee, network engineer, Vodien.

Love Bonito singapore Online Blogshop

The current infrastructure is able to handle the current number of customers very well, but to ensure that their customers get a smooth checkout process even in the future, Love, Bonito placed a large emphasis on their technology infrastructure and made sure that it would be able to scale upwards with their rising traffic and resource demands.

About Love, Bonito: Love, Bonito is the largest blog shop and fashion ecommerce store in Singapore. For more information, visit their website at

We try to make shopping as easy as possible. We understand that you may have some doubts over the course of shopping with us. Kindly take some time to reach through this comprehensive guide should you need any clarification.

Do approach our friendly customer service team if you need further assistance and we will be more than glad to render it at [email protected]. We aim to respond to your enquiries or feedbacks within the shortest time and will be replying you during office hours, Monday through Friday except weekends, public holidays (Singapore) and stipulated annual company event days.

Love Bonito (  ORDERING


10 easy steps for an optimum shopping experience with us at Love,Bonito(!

Be prepared to receive your Love, Bonito( merchandises in 3-4 working days (for Local Mails) and 7-14 working days (for International Mails) !

Each order is unique and linked to a specific payment page. Please check your email inbox for our Love, Bonito( email, a link to the page will be provided there. If it’s not in your inbox, kindly check your spam folder. To direct our Love,Bonito( emails to your inbox, do add [email protected] to your Contact List.

Love Bonito  Delivery:

* Love, Bonito( is not able to amend orders once they have been processed for delivery, kindly ensure that the correct size, colour and address have been inputted prior to making payment.
* All orders are processed within 1 to 2 working days upon verification of payment. Delivery is carried out during working hours, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and local public holidays (Singapore).
* VRV PTE. LTD. will not be held liable for any lost parcels / damaged mailed out items should customer/ visitor opt for normal/ regular postage.
* Meet-ups are only offered during two festive season currently and request for this outside this time-period are handled at the sole discretion of Love, Bonito(

Love Bonito  Payment:

* For customers who choose PayPal as their payment method, order(s) will be reserved for 2 hours upon receiving an invoice. Customers who choose Internet Banking as their payment method will have their order(s) reserved for 12 hours upon receiving an invoice. PayPal payments are immediate and therefore a 6 hours timeframe we have decided to implement. We will make an exception of 12 hours for customers who opt for Internet Banking due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. I-banking device left at home/work, internet banking problems.
* Payment details have to be submitted via the link sent to your email and all orders will automatically be cancelled if payment is not received within this stipulated timeframe. Cancelled orders cannot be reversed and Love, Bonito( will not be held liable if the payment details are not provided for within this timeframe.
* Love, Bonito( aims to verify all internet-banking payment efficiently. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide relevant details required for Love, Bonito to process her/ his order. Love, Bonito( will not be accountable for delays caused by incorrect/ insufficient payment details provided. In the event where we’re unable to verify payments, Love, Bonito would require the assistance of the customer to process the order as quickly as we can.

Love Bonito Products:

* Colors of products may differ due to color calibration of individual’s computer and it might appear darker in reality due to strong studio lighting used.
* A difference of 0.5”-1” between the item(s) received from what which was provided for in our given measurements may not be considered as a defect.
* Love, Bonito( will not be liable should you purchase our merchandize from a third party merchant and will not accede to any request of exchanges/ returns if the article was not purchased from us directly through the site.

Love Bonito Product Care:

* You are advised to hand wash all Love, Bonito( apparels without soaking for the first few washes.
* Low to Medium heat ironing is encouraged for all products except those that contain silk, satin and chiffon. We would encourage steaming or ironing them using indirect heat (by placing a fabric/cloth between the item and iron).

Love Bonito Usage of Site:

* Love, Bonito may feature pictures, articles, information, digital images, text, data, games, surveys, contests, promotions, advertising, logos, trademarks and other forms of content*** we deem will be of interest to our customers or visitors. This Content can be viewed, transferred, shared and stored by our customers and guest. However, the ownership of this Content belongs to & and by downloading or storing of this Content does not render the customer or visitor the rights nor ownership to it.

***Collectively, content composite one or more of the following – text, data, music, sound, graphics, images, pictures, photographs, videos, software or other forms later created or not known at this time.

* Content extracted from & and published or shared on any platforms must be credited. VRV Pte. Ltd. reserves the rights to pursue legal actions against unauthorized usage of this Content.

Love Bonito  Basic Information
Love Bonito  Founded
21st Aug 2010
Love Bonito  Description
For any marketing/business enquiries, please email [email protected]
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