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Traveling by Taxi in the CBD:Presented by Land Transport Authority (LTA, Singapore)

For the safety of passengers, taxi drivers and other road users, taxi drivers are not allowed to pick up or drop off passengers along main roads within the Central Business District (CBD) area in Singapore, where buses ply daily from 7am to 10pm except on Sundays and Public Holidays.

For the convenience of commuters, each taxi stand/stop and pick-up or drop-off point at building driveways in the CBD is assigned a unique location code for easy identification. Commuters can inform the taxi call-booking centres of their pick-up points by indicating the location code.

The Taxi Cab Singapore Taxi cabs, fares, reservation & booking

There are certain busy roads in the city area where you are not allowed to hail a taxi. This is to prevent taxis from stopping indiscriminately along these roads and causing obstruction to the heavy traffic. Instead, taxi-stops have been set up at designated points along these roads where taxi drivers can pick up or alight passengers during restricted hours.

The taxi-stops are easily recognisable by the following sign.

The Taxi Cab Singapore Taxi cabs

Alternatively, you may also wait for a taxi at taxi stands. As with taxi-stops, taxi stands ensure the orderly queuing of passengers waiting for taxis. Taxis are not allowed to pick up passengers in the vicinity of a taxi stand but they are, however, allowed to alight their passengers in the vicinity of taxi stands. A taxi-stand is easily recognized by either of the following signs.

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Over 26,000 air-conditioned cabs ply local roads and provide comfortable, hassle-free travel at a very reasonable cost. They can be flagged down 24 hours a day on most roads, with well-marked taxi-stands available outside most major shopping centres and hotels. At Singapore Changi Airport, the taxi stand is located in the Arrival Hall on Terminals 1, 2, 3 and Budget Terminal.

Taxi Cab Singapore Standard Taxi Rates

* All taxis are metered. Fares must be charged according to the taximeter, plus applicable surcharges.
* Receipt must be issued upon request.
* Limousine taxi service charges a flat rate, and can only be hired from an authorised limousine counter or through call-booking.

Comfort raises basic cab fares:Flag down fare up between S$0.20 and S$0.70

SINGAPORE – ComfortDelGro, the largest taxi operator here, announced revisions to its taxi fare structure yesterday, a move which could spark other smaller operators to follow suit. While two cab companies are adopting a wait-and-see approach, at least one other company, SMRT, said yesterday it would also consider a fare revision, citing drivers’ increasing operating costs.

From 6am on Monday, flag down fares will go up between 7 per cent and 22 per cent, depending on the cab model. Distance fares will also rise, but ComfortDelGro said “the meter will move slower”. Peak period surcharge, meanwhile, will be reduced from the current 35 per cent to 25 per cent of the metered fare, though the hours will be extended by an hour on weekdays, and to Sundays and Public Holidays.

The S$3 city area surcharge, which applies between 5pm and midnight from Monday to Saturday, will be extended to include Sundays and Public Holidays. The current S$1 public holiday surcharge will be removed.

In revising its structure, ComfortDelGro, which operates some 15,600 of the 26,700 taxis here, said yesterday it “paid special attention to changing trends in the demand for taxi services”. “In particular, strong population growth and an increase in tourist arrivals have resulted in a significant spike in demand for taxi services throughout the day – even during traditionally “off-peak” hours,” it said. “Weekends and public holidays, which used to be quieter, have also seen a sizeable jump in demand for taxi services in recent years.”

ComfortDelGro said its fleet makes an average of 421,700 trips daily, close to 3,450 trips more than last year. Taxi demand on Sundays and public holidays has also seen a 3 per cent increase in the number of trips as compared to 2009, said the operator’s spokesperson Tammy Tan.

The National Taxi Association (NTA) backed ComfortDelGro’s fare revision. NTA president Wee Boon Kim noted the last taxi fare adjustment was conducted in December 2007, and “most of our drivers’ income has remained flat over the last two years due to rising costs”. “NTA is already in talks with other taxi companies and urges them to adjust their taxi fares as soon as possible,” he added.

SMRT, the third largest taxi operator with some 3,000 cabs here, said it would consider a fare revision. “We would usually take ComfortDelGro’s fares as a reference as they operate a larger fleet of taxis,” said SMRT Taxis deputy director Tony Heng. “However, we may not follow them exactly, because our changes will be based on our own operating needs.”

Mr Teo Kiang Ang, managing director of Trans-Cab, the second largest cab operator with 4,130 vehicles, said the company would observe how the market reacts, before making any moves. Citing the uncertain economic outlook, Mr Neo Nam Heng, managing director of Prime Taxi which operates some 730 cabs, was “not in favour of an increase”, but would leave the decision to his hirers. “If more than half of the drivers want an increase, we would do so,” he added. Two operators, Smart and Premier, which run some 2,750 cabs here, could not be reached for comment last night.

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