Singapore Pools TOTO Results

The Singapore Lottery is run by Singapore Pools under government authorization and offers a wide variety of general sports betting – especially football – as well as lottery games to the public.The Singapore Lottery has been around for quite some time being created on May 23rd 1968 and beginning with its very first lottery game – Toto – on June 9th 1968. This game is still going strong today and is as popular as ever.

The Singapore Totalisator Board under the Minister of Finance in Singapore has owned Singapore Pools since May 1st 2004 and The Pools carries out over 250 draws every year for their lottery games.

Singapore Pools TOTO Results

There are numerous games offered by Singapore Pools including The Singapore Sweep, a traditional Pick 3 game called 123, a Pick 4 game called 4D, Scratch It! Scratch card games Sports Betting and the lottery that we are going to review here…the Singapore Lottery – Toto.Toto is the traditional draw-style, pick six lotto game of Singapore Pools and is the flagship game in the Singapore Lottery game range.Singapore Pools introduced the Toto game way back on June 9th 1968 and it had been incredibly popular in Singapore and abroad ever since then.The Singapore Toto – has a jackpot which starts at $500,000 and will increase each draw by rolling over when it is not won by being added onto the top prize figure for the next draw. Singapore Pools calls this “snowballing”.

The Toto jackpot will roll-over (or snowball) up to four times after which, if there is still no winner, it will “cascade” down to the next winning prize level. It will then be shared amongst that prize level’s winners.Unusually amongst many world lottery games, the prizes on levels 2, 3 and 4 in the Singapore Toto Lottery also “snowball” or rollover each week until they are won. These prizes do not roll down or “cascade”.

Singapore Lottery – Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools TOTO Results

Singapore Pools TOTO Results

Singapore Pools TOTO   Singapore Pools 4D

Singapore Monday ToTo Result (14-November-2011)



Live4D Broadcaster This video will live telecast every 4D/TOTO draw at 6:33pm sharp.

Live4D is the fastest and coolest 4D/TOTO result broadcast service in Singapore. You can check your 4D/TOTO result at 6:33pm sharp when the draw is in progress, one by one, LIVE!

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