There are many rumors about the running Man Singapore cast are on the internet. Some people say they will be filmed in Singapore on November 13 to 15. There is no official news from the show organizers. If this is going to happen in real, then there are so many peoples are interested to watch the shooting in Singapore. It will be fun, and people will enjoy it. They love to see their TV stars in real life.


Song Joong Ki is the favourite star of the viewers in running man series. He made a surprise entry during the  SBS TV Running Man shooting. All members of the show were surprised. Since they don’t know about the appearance of the Song Joong Ki on the set. He will run a nationwide tour race from  Daejeon to Seoul. This nationwide tour race will provide pleasure to the audience. This episode will be aired on the October 30.

RUNNING MAN Singapore Filming

When he was asked a question from the reporters about his secret dating with someone. He laughed in the replay and explained that he is not dating with someone. He is a man who loves only one person. I just want to give a good laugh to my fans, so I just rumored that news about the dating. He said I received many messages from my friends, and I enjoyed their question about the dating.

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