Wang Jiayun real face Doll-faced Chinese girl

Many digital wonders have happened due to Photoshop. One of the recent wonders what happened due to Photoshop is illustrated by the story of a Chinese girl whose name is Wang Jiayun. Wang Jiayun had posted her pictures on Internet what showed her similarity with the face of a Korean doll. The photos looked charming and people discussed if those photos were real or fake. Wang Jiayun photos brought overnight popularity to her. Many of her teachers had not noticed her before because they were unaware of her vision’s similarity with Korean doll.

Wang Jiayun real face Doll-faced Chinese girl

The issue of the reality of her images remained like a hot topic for many weeks. Wang Jiayun Chinese girl’s photos were mostly blamed as being unreal. Photoshop experts made their discussions from different angles on reality of her pictures. Now a new twist has come to this story. Because, this girl Wang Jiayun has put her new photos on Internet. According to her, her photos are untouched with any computer programming tools. The new photos of this girl have justified that her looking is similar to the looking of Korean doll.

Wang Jiayun real face

Wang Jiayun is her correct name. And Wang Jiayun has no plans to enter the entertainment world for building up her career. However many web communities across Korea want to see her appearing in an interview of television program.

wang jiayun facebook

The doll-like image of this girl is very charming in her new photos. Discussion and debates may start on her new photos also. Some people have already said that Wang Jiayun new photos are highly edited. Eyes of this girl are looking unreal to them because they are too big than a normal human’s eyes.


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