Matt Barnes And Eva Longoria Dating

Matt Barnes is a 31-year-old Laker forward player. The page six reporters report that he is dating with the Eva Longoria. Is Matt Barnes really dating with Eva Longoria, and they are trying to be close with each other? Eva was divorced in last year and now is she trying to get another basketball lover? According to the report, they were out for a dinner on Thursday, and she was looking very flirty with Matt Barnes.

Matt Barnes And Eva Longoria Dating

When reporters ask about this relation to eva, she said we are just friends, and she did not accept the statement from the reporter. During the dinner, they were not sitting next to each other but while taking dinner both of have lot of eye contact and little hand holding on the table. Matt Barnes is also denied that he is dating with eva, but this is the second time when they were together.

Matt Barnes And Eva Longoria

On October 16 this year, she posted a photo on twitter with Matt Barnes and Lopez at the club Nikki.Matt Barnes has two sons with his girlfriend Gloria Govan. He quit with her for many reasons. Including he was the delay to marry and then a series of rough patches between them. Would Matt Barnes and eva Longoria will get married?

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