H of T (H/T) meaning what H/T means?

What does H of T(H/T) mean?

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H of T (H/T) meaning what H/T means?

What is H/T? H of T

H of T is “Hat Tip”

A hat tip is an act of tipping or (especially in British English) doffing one’s hat as a cultural expression of recognition, respect, gratitude, greeting, or simple salutation and acknowledgement between two persons.

in the 2000s, the term “hat tip” (often abbreviated to “HT” or “h/t”) rose to prominence in the blogosphere to acknowledge someone who has made a significant contribution toward an effort, or someone who drew attention to something new or interesting.

H of T Definition / H of T Means
The definition of H of T (H/T) is “Hat Tip”

The Meaning of H/T
H of T (H/T) means “Hat Tip”

So now you know – H/T means “Hat Tip” – don’t thank us. YW! Oh, and MTFBWY!

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