iOS 5 error 23 What is this ? and How to Fix it

iOS Upgrade fail with error 23

So after trying iOS 5 myself, I’m feeling good to upgrade my wife’s iPhone 4.

Strange thing occurred that once I asked iTunes 10.5 to upgrade the iPhone 4, after the first dialog box that says something about backup, the next thing I get is error 23. Which actually means the phone has a hardware problem. Is there an underlying problem? I have no idea, phone seems fine.

So, what I did that made it work… or at least now it’s gone past that stage. Put the phone into recovery mode, and now iTunes 10.5 is downloading iOS5. Will know soon enough if it will work all the way.

iOS 5 error 23 What is this ? and How to Fix it

iPhone iOS5 Upgrade Unknown Error 23

Everyone seem to be upgrading to iOS5 without any problems, but I was plagued with “Unknown Error 23″. Searched online for a few days, asked a few friends and finally found a solution which was to update it manually.

1. Download the iOS5 manually. See iOS 5 Now Available [Download Links]
2. Copy the iOS5 file to “~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates”.
3. Go back to iTunes and hit “Update”.
Yay. iOS5-ed. Next up iPhone4S.

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