Tara Reid wardrobe malfunction Tara Reid Nipple Slip Photos

Tara Reid and her gangly alien-like body have had yet anoher bizarre wardrobe malfunction.This time Ms. Reid is wearing something to cover up, sort of, but still, too much is exposed.

Tara has really been whooping it up while in Saint-Tropez, France, and she has been looking like a rubber chicken topped with Britney Spears’ 2-month old hair extensions. Not a pretty site. Remember last year she came out with her “new and improved” body? Told you then it was the same old bod, just a bit of airbrushing to make it “new”.

Tara Reid wardrobe malfunction

Heidi Montag should take note. Before long she’ll also look like a science experiment gone wrong. And I mean MUCH worse than she does now. As you age things don’t hang right when you’ve had a gazillion surgeries in your 20′s.

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