Alex Shen sp engineering Owner

An enthusiast of the scene, Alex Shen opened SP Engineering as a tiny tuning shop out in the City of Industry, CA. Dedicated to building relationships through 11 years of unparalleled service, SP is now one of the power giants in the industry, distributing more than the Medellin cartel, and building cars with more power than Popeye on crack-laced spinach. With over 60 magazine-featured cars under his belt-30 of which landed covers-we ask Alex Shen to spill some of his magical beans for our special Power issue.

Alex Shen sp engineering

This week’s featured car is brought to you by the letter, C. I’m sure you’re thinking, “What are you talking about Zack?” Well, the letter “C” is used to spell words like coincidence, credibility, comprehensive, conquer, crazy, and of course, cool. All these words can be used to describe Alex Shen’s 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. We will have a full story on Alex Shen soon, but until then here’s the Cliffs Notes on him:

Alex Shen sp engineering Owner

Alex Shen opened his tuning shop, SP Engineering, in City of Industry, CA in 1996. When it began it was 4,500 sq. ft and had 4 employees, including Alex Shen. Now it is 13,000 sq ft. with 21 employees helping to run it’s tuning, service, retail, wholesale, warehouse, and website. His customers’ cars, and his own, have been  featured in; Turbo & High Performance, European Car, Sport Compact Car, and Import Tuner. Alex Shen started out tuning Japanese cars, and quickly built a reputation for powerful cars that had something special, reliability. For example, his personal R34 Skyline is “conservatively tuned for daily driving” at 790WHP. After conquering the Japanese car market, Alex Shen began playing with cars from Europe.Alex Shen is the founder of, the biggest Lamborghini forum on the internet today. The car that won our “Best Modified Exotic” Award at La Dolce Vita was built, and owned, by Alex Shen.

Alex Shen’s 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Being the master-tuner Alex Shen is, the car arrived un-tuned. Alex threw it on the dyno, and in short time it was putting down 600WHP on pump gas. Before you chime in with, “My Mustang/Corvette/Nova has that much power!” this is 600 AWHP, and with race gas Alex is aiming for a Veyron-trouncing 900+AWHP.

To put that power to the ground, Alex put on a pair of formidable looking 20” Volks Racing G2s, 9 inches in the front, and a sticky 11 inches out back. Made of a single piece of forged aluminum these wheels not only look incredible, but lower the rotational weight, because clearly 600awhp would feel like a school bus without light-weight wheels, right?

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