Jeff Bezos Demos The Kindle Fire (VIDEO,PHOTOS)

Jeff Bezos Demos The Kindle Fire (VIDEO,PHOTOS) : For almost any criticism of its new tablet Fire Kindle, Amazon has two words answer. It does not come with a 3G-speed Internet access? That is $ 199. This is not to shoot? That is $ 199. It will not immerse you in the HD-rendered scenery as you race through the streets of virtual Bugatti Tokyo 180 miles / hour? That is $ 199. It is a powerful step. Wax all you want about the superior look and feel sensational and specifications IPad Apple.Realnost is that there are many people who can not justify plopping down more than $ 500 for a shiny toy, they do not really need. But $ 199 for the shiny toy you do not really need it? Now you’re talking about. Fire ignite relatively low price will ensure that Amazon will move a lot of product. But do not believe the hype in the aftermath of the fire opening on Wednesday, Jeff Bezos has not built IPad killer. Apple sells the device for an estimated …

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Jeff Bezos Demos The Kindle Fire (VIDEO,PHOTOS)

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