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With 1096 trials because 60 minutes under his belt, Andy Rooney, will deliver his 1097 th broadcast on Sunday. And let stand his show as a regular contributor. Rooney’s 92-year leaves to announce its final score of this program, a position he has been presented since 1978, CBS News said Tuesday. honest personify preceded by a segment in which Rooney returns to his mask career 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer. “There is nobody in delight and Andy will never be recognized,” Jeff Fager oral, president of CBS News and 60 Minutes executive producer. He called on Rooney’s contributions to the rut “immeasurable” and added: “It is harder on him to do every week, but still give the order to guess his confidence on the ’60 Minutes’ when the urge strikes. ” Rooney began to talk about his premise on 60 July 1978 with a master book an essay on the misleading reports of fatal car the weekend of Independence Day. “Because for the car,…

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Andy Rooney Latest News

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