PSLE Results 2011 online

Release of 2011 PSLE Results and 2011 Secondary One Posting Exercise

1 .The results of the 2011 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) will be released on Thursday, 24 November 2011. Pupils may obtain their result slips from their respective schools from 12.00 noon on 24 November 2011.

PSLE Results 2011 online

2 .On the same day, eligible pupils will also receive from their respective primary schools, their option forms to select secondary schools. Pupils are required to hand the option forms to their parents.
Submission of Secondary One Option Form

3 .In every sealed Secondary One (S1) Option Form, there will be a unique S1 Personal Identification Number (S1 PIN) which allows parents to submit the secondary school options for their child online via the Secondary One Internet System (S1-IS). The S1-IS is accessible 24 hours a day through the MOE Secondary One Posting website starting from 12.00 noon on 24 November 2011 to 3.00 pm on 30 November 2011.

4 .Parents are advised to carefully consider their choices of secondary schools and complete the option form before logging on to the S1-IS, so that they can complete their online submission quickly and smoothly.
5 .Alternatively, parents may also submit their child’s secondary school options through their child’s primary school. Submission at the primary schools will be from 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm on 24 November 2011; and 9.00 am to 3.00 pm between 25 November and 30 November 2011, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Release of Secondary One Posting Results

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