Mona Simpson Eulogy For Her Brother Steve Jobs

We were poor. My mother was single, and I knew that my father was emigrated from the Syria, He was looks like Omar Sharif, said Mona Simpson on her Eulogy for her brother Steve Jobs. Mona Simpson revealed the final words of the Apple founder Steve Jobs, and she wrote an emotional life story about her and his brother.

Mona Simpson Eulogy For Her Brother Steve Jobs

This Eulogy was written on the October 16, but published on the Sunday 30 October. You can read this private memorial Eulogy on the New York Times. This is great to know about the life of Steve Jobs and remember this all information is written by her sister, so there is no doubt about any line in this Eulogy.

Mona Simpson Eulogy

I was alone and looking for some man to love me. I came back to my father but no response, then I met to my brother, and I was 25 that time. He gave me a love of true brother, and I am happy with all efforts he had done for  me. Mona Simpson is teaching in University of California as an English teacher. I am still using the  manual Olivetti typewriter, and I don’t know much about the computers, said Mona Simpson. This is a must-read article for the lovers of the Apple product and surely of Steve’s jobs as well.

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