Charlene Jade Tay Dead in Road Accident

Charlene Jade Tay is dead in a road accident when she was driving her bike with her friends to the Phuket. During her journey to the Phuket, an oncoming car hit her bike and a fellow rider too. She was dead on the spot. They were total a group of six members, and they left the Singapore on Wednesday morning.

Charlene Jade Tay Dead in Road Accident

Another rider of the group Mr. Anthony Chaw is suffering with both broken hands, and he is admitted in the Phuket hospital now for treatment. Ms Charlene Jade Tay was working in an advertising agency McCann Worldgroup, and she was creative director in the company.  There was no mistake done by any biker according to the the members of the group. Every years hundreds of people dead in the road accident and the most mistakes done by the car drivers.

Singapore woman biker Charlene Jade Tay Dead in Road Accident

They are driving fast and careless. This all happened because many rivers do not have the driving license, but they are still driving on the road, and the traffic police did not take any action against them. Watch the more pictures and read the comment of the group members on the Facebook profile of the Charlene Jade Tay. For more detail read the Saturday newspaper.

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