Mavis Pan shuangshuang lashes out at Raymond Lam again

Since the outbreak of Raymond Lam Fung’s bed photos with Mavis Pan Shuangshuang, only Raymond came forward sadly to explain that they broke up for two months. Hiding in Beijing to heal her hurt feelings, Mavis Pan finally spoke with Next Magazine, stating that she and Raymond never broke up. Each time she arrived in Hong Kong, she would stay at Raymond’s home, Dynasty Court. Since Raymond and Mavis Pan spent more time apart than together, one would think that they would be unable to contain each other’s passion upon seeing each other. However, Mavis Pan said, “He is often tired after work. We did not always do the deed [have se-x]. Many times, we just hugged and slept.”

While dating Raymond , Mavis Pan was very careful. When Raymond suggested they walk outside or eat dinner at a restaurant, Mavis Pan felt it was too risky. To prevent the paparazzi from taking photos of them together, Mavis Pan did not want to go out together. As a result, they often stayed home together. Even their first date was on Raymond’s bed at home.

Mavis Pan shuangshuang lashes out at Raymond Lam again

“We could not go to any public places. Our first date was at Raymond’s house.  We laid on his bed and chatted for the entire evening. Then we hugged and went to sleep. This gave me the feeling that he was not too lewd. I found him to be very good.” From then onwards, Mavis Pan and Raymond  spent their dates at his house.

Mavis Pan noted that Raymond was often tired and they did not always engage in se-xual activities. “Although [se-x] cannot be absent, a relationship should not be entirely about [se-x] either. Sometimes, I will give him a massage. I will not do anything intentional and will just let things happen naturally. I am someone who enjoys the process. While together, most of our time was spent hugging.”

Was Raymond able to satisfy Mavis Pan’ needs in bed?  Mavis Pan said awkwardly, “I’m okay, I truly need to be in the mood. I cannot sleep with someone if there are no feelings. If we are only talking about s-ex, then what distinguishes us from animals?” (Did you ever think that Raymond pursued you purely for se-x?) “No, if it were only for se-x, why not get a prostitute!”

Facing a girlfriend with a 36D figure, Raymond often praised her. Mavis Pan recounted, “He would say sweetly to me, ‘Many girls do not have what you possess inside.’ I said, ‘Many people say my breasts were augmented.’ He said, ‘If I know, that’s good enough. It doesn’t matter if they are real or not. Is it necessary to care so much?” (Did Mavis Pan believe that Raymond never had plastic surgery himself?) “I will only believe what I see. What people say about me, I can dismiss it with a laugh. He was right; you only care about the thoughts of the people that are important to you.”

Mavis Pan: “My First Date With Raymond Lam Was On His Bed!”
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