Gold Price In India

Gold Price In India : Bullion Market panic on Friday as the price of silver crashed by 11 percent, while gold fell 3 percent. The crash came on the heels of tumbling precious metals on world markets. On the world market, investors have resorted to panic selling from falling. Gold fell below $ 1,700 an ounce. On Friday, it fell more than $ 50 an ounce to $ 1,687.90, down 12 percent from a peak of $ 1,923 on Sept. 6. In Mumbai, 22 carats or ornamental, gold fell by Rs 555 per 10 grams of 27 475 rupees. Silver fell by Rs 56 875 6530 kg of rupees in Mumbai. In a world market, fell 13 percent to $ 33.148 an ounce, recovering

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Gold Price In India

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