Real Mermaid Found – Proof of Mermaids Existence

Real Mermaid Found - Proof of Mermaids Existence

Real Mermaid Found – Proof of Mermaids Existence

Real Mermaid Found – Proof of Mermaids Existence Watch Video

Real Mermaid Found – Proof of Mermaids Existence by noman-asghar12[/sociallocker]


Real Mermaid Found – Proof of Mermaids Existence:
Until now, evidence of aquatic humanoids have been confined to grainy photographs and unclear video footage. But this as yet unidentified creature could well prove to be our finest proof that these famed beings exist.

You can clearly see the distinguishing upper body features are that of a human female. And lower down, the bottom half is undoubtedly the kind of body one would expect to find on a sea animal, specifically a fish.

The body was only recently discovered and is thought to be currently undergoing tests to determine its origin and potential authenticity at The University of Hawaii’s Institute of Marine Biology in Kaneohe. A thorough examination of the animal should prove conclusive and could, potentially, change the way we look at nature.

Sightings of mermaids – and mermen – date back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Famed explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Captain John Smith (of Pocahontas fame) wrote of their experiences with them whilst exploring the ocean. Smith saw ‘a big-eyed, green-haired mermaid in 1614 off the coast of Newfoundland’ and even claimed to feel ‘love’ for her. that was until he realized that she was in fact a fish from the waist down…

Earlier sightings of mermaids on the site where the corpse was washed up have stimulated debate about the potential existence of such things. Here’s what appears to be a mermaid on a rock, just a few hundred metres from where this latest being was found.


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