Ideas For Wearing Shades Of Red On Valentine’s Day 2015

Red is very vibrant and attractive color. It is often associated with Valentine’s Day because red is the color of love. Moreover it looks beautiful and gorgeous on ladies. Here are few suggestions about how to wear shades of red for Valentine’s Day 2015.

1. Wearing Red in Lipstick

Wearing Red Lipstick

Red lips of a lady look so striking and romantic. It enhances the beauty of the lips. You can use red lipstick to catch the eye of beloved ones on Valentine’s Day. First of all make the natural shape of your lips with the lip pencil and alter a shape bit if needed. Then fill the inner area with same red color lipstick either directly or by using brush. Blot the lipstick with tissue paper to make it matt and stay longer.

2. Applying Red Eye Shade

Applying Red Eye Shade

Although using red color eye shadow is the fashion of past but today you can use it with black shade. In smoky eye makeup red can be use tactfully to make your eyes look bigger and twinkling. Apply the red eye shade on the eye lid then apply black eye shade on the outer corner and blend it with the red shade. In this make a smooth tonal variation then apply then eyeliner for fine look. Curl up lashes with mascara. You can also apply red eye pencil on the area near the lower eye lash.

3. Red on cheeks

Red Cheeks Makeup

Wear shades of red on your cheeks on Valentine’s Day this will give you rosy and fresh look. Do not apply red blusher too much because these will loud your personality giving fake look.

4. Paint your nails red

Paint your Nails Red

Red on nails is seriously amazing as it makes your complexion look fairer. It will draw all the attention towards your hands. Apply red nail polish on your nails then choose another color that is in contrast to red. Use this contrast to make polka dots on the nails for pretty look.

5. Red Hair Accessories

Red Hair Accessories

You can also wear red in your hair accessories for balancing the overall look. Red color hair bands, clips, beads can be use to embellish your hairstyle. Last but not the least the most wonderful suggestions is putting fresh red flower like rose in your beautifully done hair up do.

6. Red in Dressing

Red in Dressing

The most important part is dressing among all. You first decide the dress then other things are counted. On this lovely Day red color dress would be more appropriate to wear. You can wear red full length maxi or gowns, short frocks or togas. Wearing red dress with all red accessories will complete your look.

7. Wearing Red Heels

Wearing Red Heels

Foot wear should also be stylish on this special day. Wearing red heels with red dress looks awesome. This surely brings you a lot of complements and appreciations.

Now you will get to know that How to wear shades of red for Valentine’s Day. Go for red and make your day special and memorable for rest of your life.

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    Feb 18. 2015

    WOW, that red dress looks amazing! I want one!

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