Bigg Boss (Season 6) [Episode 8] – 14th October 2012 -Part 4

Salman advises UTAROO Finally it turns out its male… Vrajesh Hirjee. Salman request why he has draw close in such disguise Vrajesh advises Bigg Boss population had advised to retain it confidential.. thats why he didn’t even advise his father… He moves into house. He rallies Sidhu & Sana… he is instilled with home interior. He commences establishing pleasure of Sana with ‘NAMS’. He tests Bigg Boss Camera that he will find a visually ruined site in the home …. to obscure from Bigg Boss camera. Next contestant is SAMPAT PAL, chief of Gulabi Gang. The gang the cause for welfare of Women privileges with voilence if required.

The women kisses Salman’s cheeks. She sings inspirational song. She moves into home ushers in herself to others. Siddhu had discovered about her and advises Sana about her work. BREAK Next contentant is Urvasi Dholakia The KOMOLIKA of admired tv show. Along with another young woman draws close Aashika they both conflict for Bigg Boss house. Urvasi moves into, then Salman propels Aashika too in the house. Next tenant is from UP Bihar….

Salman draws close in rickshawk, he request who is going into Bigg Boss ? Finally Salman annouces… Its Niruha… the associate from Bhojpuri movies. The detail moves out … Dinesh Niruha moves into home and ushers in himself to other members. Next contestant is superstar hair stylist, SAPANA. She has too more tatoos in her body. She is bindass.. bollywood stars ushers in her like Bips. She hands Salman a T-shirt which had slogan ‘Teri Ma Ki YOUTH’…… She request Urvasi what she does, she advises actress.

Bigg Boss Season 6 – 14th October 2012 Part 4 by ThaChamp4Eva

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