Abaya Designs 2014 for Girls in Dubai and Bahrain

Throughout the Middle East, the fairer can be seen in different styles of abayas especially in the Emirates. A simple proof of this can be found on our campus. Once you walk through the gates, you will be astonished the variety of the girls’ abayas.

Abayas used to be loose, plain black and simple. Now, they have become more fashionable with flashes of green or red, glitter, sequins, intricate detail and matching sheilas. Abaya designers have sprung up in the Gulf society, offering a new syle or a new collection almost every month.

According to Hind Al Ali, a local designer who just started designing her abaya collection, “The design on the abaya is so important that it’s impossible to keep a tab on changing trends and we are trying to make a feeling of youth but still be true to their culture.”

Abaya Designs 2014 for Girls in Dubai

Abaya Designs 2014 for Girls in Dubai

Since the campus is the only place for some girls to meet their friends, they focus on what abayas, clothes, and bags to wear. Some students like the basic abaya because they find it more practical for campus. Noora Abdulla AL Awadi a Business student concentrated in Accounting wearing a colored sleeves abayas says,” I prefer wearing simple closed abayas abaya especially in the University because it saves me time, it’s more comfortable, and I feel flexible in walking and moving around the campus. Everything has to match with each other like my shoes and bag”. As well Noora believes that every girl has own style.

Fatima Mohamed Rashid a communication and media sciences student concentrated in PR management wearing a nice simple abaya with black crystals prefers her own style of abayas and says, “I don’t like too much and over abayas for the university, I like my abaya to be unique and simple and the mostly practical to move around the campus, also sometimes I like to design my abaya by myself ” .

“In my opinion the abaya must be closed and practical and at the same time must be logic,” says Athra Hareb AL Zaabi a communication and media sciences student concentrated to Multi Media and magazine journalism wearing a plain closed abaya. Moreover, she adds that “here in the university the abaya designs and over and weird and aren’t suitable or inappropriate to be wore in a university, girls just wear it only because its fashion.”

Beneath even the most basic abayas, however, you can find other fashion trends like jeans worn with strappy high-heels.


If your looking for a simple abaya, then you should head to Blue Dan, a small shop in Al Muhairi Center. You don’t have to wait for your abaya to be made to order. Just go pick out one. Whether you’re tall, short, chubby or thin, you can find your size in both closed and opened Abaya. An average price is AED 250.

If your looking for something simple, yet elegant go to Mauzan or Lareen. You can find Mauzan in the Corniche Street. As for Lareen, it is in Abu Dhabi Mall, first floor. Prices start at AED 1500 for a simple abaya and from AED 4,000 for a special-occasion abaya.

If your looking for something unique, go to Arabesque, where a French designer creates abayas.

Feel creative ? Visit Malik & Shahid stores and get all the decorative pieces you want. Then go to any abaya store in Al Khaldiya, give them your design, and await the results. You can put your designs in a closed or opened abaya. You can also choose your fabric. Since it’s winter, go for the Saudi fabric as it is thicker. Overall your abaya and veil will cost about AED 350. It is way much cheaper than getting buying a fancy abaya from one of the local designers.