Sonya Battla Bridal Dresses 2014

Sonya Battla One of the leading name from years and years back from Pakistani fashion industry. Sonya Battla is now a worldwide brand name which is serving their passion to their reliable costumers.Recently, Sonya Battla showcased her unique and elegant collection at PFW5 (Pakistan Fashion Week 5) which was held in London this November.

Sonya Battla dresses 2014 at PFW 5 was an amazing collection as it was based on bridal wear and giving a pleasant and eye-catching effect.Dresses were based on the parallel stitches and designs in which some were with high cuts and some were with low back and low range and curve cuts which were actually looking stunning!

Sonya Battla Wedding Dresses 2014


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Latest Mehndi Designs for Hands 2014

Mehndi design in women because of their wedding includes the name of the bridegroom in it. Muslims believe that putting the name of the bridegroom in the mehndi pattern and tattoo of brides will ensure that they will be following their husband’s wills.

In some countries, where the wife is unable to have the name in the bridegroom in her henna skin image becomes a disobedient darling.

Other mehndi types and tattoos for Eid are flowery designs intricately put in the hands and hands of Arab women. Indians however ought to form fine lines in the mehndi designed and tattoos because of their women. There are other designs depending on the expertise of the tattoos artist. You can featuring internet and look for any mehndi design and tattoos for Eid which were popular. Choose the design that you like to use in the event you are about to attend. You can schedule mehndi tattooing months before Eid to ensure that you’ll have a pretty tattoo during Eid festivals.

Women arrange for the Eid celebration a number of days before Eid. Women be prepared their Eid dresses together with schedule the mehndi tattooing. It is important for them to get beautiful in important events including Eid and marriage ceremonies.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Hands 2014

Latest Mehndi Designs for Hands 2014

For Muslims, who want to do their own mehndi designs and tattoos can purchase mehndi tattoo kits. Because mehndi tattoo usually previous long like four to help eight weeks, the fact which you could take it away you have always wanted to makes mehndi a well known tattoo for Eid and other important events.
There are various categories of mehndi patterns, top a few being Indian, Pakistani, Persia and African Mehndi types. All three are extremely popular and have their own beauty, in this article we shall be talking more about Pakistani together with Arabic mehndi patterns.

First of all, Pakistani designs as the name sests are usually more common to the people inside Pakistan. However their popularity is worldwide and they are known to be very reputed mehndi designs. Though they are quite similar with this Indian Mehndi Designs they also have their own appeal together with significance. Most of the Pakistani mehndi styles are recognized by have very complicated designs and patterns. The designs vary as per the celebration, taste and location.

Mehndi plays a pivotal role in a Pakistani marriage in addition to a bride is considered incomplete without a Mehndi. Brides have particular mehndi designs all over their legs, hands toes and arms. Most in the times a bride are generally decorated with mehndi with her wedding (Manyoon).

A mehendi pattern may be utilized during celebrations as they simply give a very attractive look. Nowadays there is a variety of Mehndi styles to decide on for the Mehndi fans. The current trend in addition has brought in styled mehndi signs. These patterns are veru popular among the list of mehndi lovers. Here a pattern scatch is generated by thin outline and also the central empty part is packed with dress shining mehndi using mascara.

Going to the Arabic mehndi, these styles can be popular worldwide. Most when them are simple floral motifs worn at wrists and hands and feet of females. They usually reflect the skills of artists and design individuality of traditions around Arabian Peninsula.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Hands 2014

Elan Valentine’s Day Collection 2014 for Girls

Elan valentine’s day collection 2014 for girls has recently released. Elan is one of the famous and leading fashion brands who have launched recently Valentine’s day collections 2014. The famous brand Elan has designed this collection with full of elegant look and styles. The dresses of Elan valentine’s day collection 2014 for girls has embellished with beautiful embroidery and laces.

Elan Valentine’s Day Collection 2014 for Girls

Elan Valentine’s Day Collection 2014 for Girls

Elan is one of the most famous and leading brands in Pakistan. Elan is the women wear fashion tag that has started its career in the field of fashion since very past year ago. Elan offers causal wear, party wear, formal wear, semi-formal wear and bridal wear dresses. Elan has designed and launched so many seasonal and occasional collections for every season and occasion. Recently, Elan has launched their beautiful valentine’s day collection 2014 for girls.

Elan valentine’s day collection 2014 for girls has adorned with beautiful embroidery and laces. Some of the dresses of Elan valentine’s day collection 2014 for girls have embellished with lovely prints. All of these dresses have designed with modernity and high ends. Theses dresses are designed in eastern and western styles and looks. These dresses of Elan valentine’s day collection 2014 for girls are perfect for young girls and modern women. Here are some pictures of Elan valentine’s day collection 2014 for girls. Just wait a bit here and have a look at Elan valentine’s day collection 2014 for girls.

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 Elan Valentine’s Day Collection 2014 for Girls



How to Get Rid of Excessive Facial Sweating

Do you wish to stop your excessive facial sweating? When you wake up in middle night and see your pillow wet due to excessive facial sweating. It can be embracing situation.
You will be glad to know there is really way to stop excessive facial sweating. You know by the way the condition is known hyperhidrosis.
Hyperhidrosis is defining as excessive and non-physiological amount of sweat produced by body. That can be generalized situation or localized. Generalized causes excessive sweating in all over body but localized situation causes excessive sweating in specific areas of body. Excessive sweating normally comes on teenager.

Conservative treatments have limited success rates for those suffering from excessive sweating for whom conservative have failed. There are now unique and highly effected surgical treatments are available to end hyperhidrosis. But patient must be careful about Side effects of treatments.

How to Get Rid of Excessive Facial Sweating

How to Get Rid of Excessive Facial Sweating

This problem causes of number factors some are secondary factors put dieting and medication. Primary factors are usually genetic dispassion.

I have found 9 natural treatments for excessive facial sweating that will help you a lot today

1. Proper diet:

• You have to drink the plenty of water a day. As the amount to water cannot be measure easily because it varies person to person depend upon type of body. But the basic guidelines by doctors are that a man should drink three liters and women should minimum drink 2.2 liters in a day.olive oil it helps from excessive sweating.

• Eat foods that help you to reduce sweating that can be fruits vegetables. Use

• Do not use too much salt and avoid using onion and garlic in your delay food.

• You should avoid eating food that gains your weight.

2. Keep your Skin Hydrated:

• Use Vitamin C that you should choose skincare products that contain Vitamin

• Drink enough water

• Do not let your skin to become over dry

• Have a proper and balance diet

• Use any good moisturizer. use oil free creams if your skin is oily

• Use a scrub to remove dead not use regularly but once a week

• Use the products that contain Vitamin C.Use Vitamin Tablets C if possible.

• Use antibacterial soap.

• Dry your face with towel avoid to rub

3. Use lotion that contains Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera plants gel is lively ingredient in a number of different skin care products that facilitates to treat a wide variety of different problems of skin.

Aloe Vera has a cooling effect that can help to reduce sweating in summer season or in warm temperature.

4. Witch hazel:

It is made from the plants bark, twigs and leafs. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory Its helps to make skin dry. Reduce excessive facial sweating and Minimizes pores as prevents sweating and minimize redness of the face. Apply it with cotton on a face. You can buy it from any food stores.

5. Medical grade antiperspirant:

You can use Medical grade antiperspirant can actually use on face be careful to your eyes.

6. Anticholinergic wipes:

People uses it those have problem of access sweating but it become cause of the problems like dry mouth you lose your tears.

7. Natural, holistic approach:

This is actually best in my opinion because the reason you have of excessive sweating in the first place is because you have imbalance novice system. The way you response to goes to overdrive.

8. Weight loss:

The major cause of hyperhidrosis arousal is overweight problem. Losing weight can help to solve this problem.

9. Use handkerchief:

When you get excessive sweating pat the Use handkerchief on face. That will help to reduce excessive sweating.